Obesity is known to be the mother of all diseases. So far the biggest reason for death globally has been linked with heart-related issues and since heart-related issues can be traced back to extra fat in the body, it is easy to say obesity is causing deaths. For weight loss, most people try to measure their weight according to beauty standards. Beauty standards vary from country or country and hence, people try to starve themselves just to meet the beauty standards of their areas. Where obesity is linked with a lot of disease, starvation or extra weight loss is also linked with a lot of issues.

There are so many people who mainly focus on weight loss without thinking about the BMI and their body type. Worth the help of this article we will mainly list down some easy health and lifestyle-related tips that can help you lose weight easily.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Weight Loss

For weight loss, it is very important to keep in mind that every individual has a different body frame, a different metabolism rate, and different ages as well. Applying the same things for all doesn’t work. Apart from this, some countries promote extreme weight loss and have very unhealthy weight loss regimes. However, within this article, we will mainly list down some easy exercise alternatives, and healthy tips only.


Most people do not drink enough water as a result they feel hungry all the time. It is advised to drink at least 2 glasses of water when you feel hungry, this will help you prep your body for food. If you still feel hungry, then you can start eating.

Cut Portions

You need to divide food portions into smaller portions. Try to trick your body by using a small plate and filling it up. While dividing portions look for food with more mass and less calorie count.

Eat Frequently

Eating frequently helps your body in losing weight easily. For 30 minutes to 2 hrs. After eating, the body gets into hyper-metabolism mode, churning and breaking food by using energy. This is especially helpful in getting rid of extra calories easily.

Stick To Hot Beverage

Drinking cold beverages after fatty food can cause disturbance during digestion and irritate the stomach as well. After food, try to use a hot beverage, hot water, or green tea.

Reduce Oil

The use of fat and oil in food usually results in some extra calories that are not even required. Try to cut your fat count so you can eat more without consuming so many calories.

Add Fiber

Try to add more fiber to your food so you can allow your stomach to fill up easily. Fiber helps with digestion and has no calories and it will keep you full for longer.

Take Stairs

Rather than relying on machines, try to maximize the amount of physical work. A simple method is to switch from lift and elevator and use stairs. This will help you burn calories and act as great cardio as well.

Walk to the Station

Most people complain that they cannot walk too much or they do not have too much time. A recent Harvard health research article explains that you do not have to walk too much. Just a 15 minutes’ walk will be enough for you to stay healthy. Try to walk to the nearest station so you can save money and retain fitness.

Take Away

To sum it all up, aiming for a model body will make you opt for very extreme lifestyle changes. Using quick fixes, powdered diets, and tables for suppressing appetite is not a very good solution. In France, women smoke and drink to suppress their appetite. Whereas in some parts of the world, women are forced fed to eat more. You need to set an aim by calculating your BMI so you do not end up starving yourself otherwise your body might go into survival mode.


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