Rediscover Wardrobe Basics With Trendy Tops & Jeans

The bond a woman has with her clothes is heavenly. Your closet is the ultimate treasure trove, whether you’re shopping for the ideal date attire or an outfit for a significant job interview.

You don’t need an entire closet full of trendy clothes to look stylish, all you need are a few wardrobe staples that you can mix and match. With a foundation of basic tops and jeans from VERO MODA in neutral colours, you can create an infinite number of appealing ensembles.

Say Yes To Comfort And Style With A Good Pair Of Jeans!

Who doesn’t love a good pair of comfortable and super-trendy jeans? That’s why women’s jeans have transformed over the years, and different types of jeans have come into existence.

VERO MODA has a collection of the trendiest and most comfortable pair of jeans to enhance your looks; choose from a variety of jeans below:


Comfort jeans for women are another must-have bottom wear. They areĀ  high-rise jeans providing a great fashionable fit. They are liked for providing the right amount of room to the legs, and the cool 90s look.


Flared jeans have come back in recent years and offer a lot of versatility. The voluminous feeling provided at the hem makes them suitable for any dressy occasion, especially when paired with shirts!


Regular jeans are a great find for those who prefer wearing skinny fits and flared denim. Regular jeans have a relaxed fit through the thighs right down to the ankles and are the comfiest since they are not quite fitted nor too baggy.


For decades skinny jeans for women have been popular and worn by pop stars, celebrities, and us. You can wear these jeans to almost any place- and any occasion.

They are available as low, high and mid-rise waist, in various shades, distressed, and clean, making them a good pair of jeans.

Make A Statement With Smart Tops For Women

In the world of fashion, tops are getting increasingly trendy. We all want to look stylish and hip in today’s environment, but we want to spend only a little time doing it. Tops have made it easier for women to get dressed and appear fashionable in seconds.

Button Down Shirt

A button-down shirt for women is an extremely versatile piece of clothing which goes very well with anything and everything. Whether you want to wear it with jeans, shorts or shirt, or if you want to layer it over a dress, tee or bodysuit, the styling options are endless.

Peplum Top

The Peplum top has a fun-loving vibe with a feminine edge to it. It is flattering to all body types and is one of those styles that can pull you through from sunrise to sunset in every setting. Casual, chic, elegant, subtle, it is everything you name it.

Off-Shoulder Top

You’ve got it, and you got to flaunt it. The off-shoulder top is so chic, with confidence written all over it. Additionally, it gives a chance to experiment with jewellery as the shoulder is open, giving earrings and necklaces a different dynamic.

VERO MODA has a wide range of jeans and tops for women in different styles and colours. So, get set and shop now! Visit the VERO MODA online store and pick your style!