10 Spring Wardrobe Staples Every Man Needs in His Closet

There’s a stark difference between a man’s wardrobe in the winter versus the spring. Colors, textures and styles all evolve from dark hues to brighter color palettes. Whether you’re ready to wear mens polo shirts or a good pair of casual sneakers, spring wardrobe staples should be in the closet ready to go. Explore these top 10 spring wardrobe essentials you need for a fashionable season.

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1. A Nice Pair of Shorts

Warmer weather means you can swap heavy winter pants for lightweight shorts.

Purchase several different types of shorts, including Bermuda and other short styles. Athletic shorts are great for outdoor activities, while cargo shorts are ideal for a casual lunch or outing.

Consider mens shorts for those afternoon and evening events, too. They’ll give you a clean-cut appearance without appearing as formal as pants. Try light-colored shorts for daytime activities and darker colors for the evening. For instance, beige is a popular shorts color for daytime outings. Alternatively, navy blue shorts work well for cocktails and evening walks with friends.

2. Some Stylish Shirts With Spring Colors and Patterns

Brightly colored shirts are staples in any man’s spring wardrobe. Look for pastel-colored shirts, including light yellow, blue, pink and white. These colors are also often found in button-down styles, such as the classic Oxford design. You can wear these shirts tucked in at semi-formal or formal occasions. Or untuck the shirt for a casual look and still look classy.

Polo shirts are perfect for spring as well because they come in nearly every color imaginable. You can choose from unique patterns, too. Stripes, argyle and even floral styles can be found on today’s polo shirts. Knit polos can also be part of your spring wardrobe. Although they’re a bit heavier than standard polo fabric, the knit lends a vintage look to an otherwise modern take on spring fashion.

3. Casual Shoes

Spring is all about clean casual looks. Sneakers inspire you to go on outdoor adventures, from blazing up a hiking trail to just walking around a park. Look for running shoes as your sneakers staple. These shoes come in many styles and colors to choose from.


Running shoes are also designed with lightweight materials and light-colored hues, such as white or beige. Their style is in stark contrast to the heavy, dark boots and other shoes needed during the winter.

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4. Loafers

Spring also has its share of formal events, including weddings and other receptions. Add a pair of loafers to your closet as an alternative to a formal dress shoe at these events. Loafers come in a variety of colors. Try light-brown, dark-brown or black loafers for those evening events. They slip on with ease while still offering a classic look.

5. Light-Colored Jeans

Denim is a time-tested fabric that’s perfect for both work and leisure. Choose light-colored jeans for springtime. They can be slim-fit or relaxed styles if you prefer. Jeans are great for lunches, afternoons with friends or activities in the evening. Simply dress up the pants with a colorful shirt to complete your look.

6. Classic Trousers

Spring is the time to pull out those classic, casual pants for men. For example, chino pants are the design of choice for men who want a casual yet classy appearance. Their crisp creases make them formal enough for wedding receptions but casual enough for an afternoon coffee break.

Stock up on several pants colors, including navy blue, beige, brown and other hues. They can be mixed and matched with many shirt colors to stretch your options.

7. Lightweight Leather Jacket

A leather jacket may not seem like a spring wardrobe choice, but it can be a clever nighttime selection. Look for leather jackets that have a lightweight or thin design compared to thicker styles found during the cooler months. Try black, dark brown or light brown colors for this spring fashion selection. Not a fan of the leather look? Opt for a jean jacket instead.

Wear them on chilly evenings with a button-down shirt and pants. They contrast nicely with the lighter colors of your spring clothes.

8. Blazer

Alternatively, you can wear a blazer for those cool evenings. This jacket choice works well with both casual and semi-formal looks. Pair it with jeans and a tee, for instance, or step up the look by wearing the blazer with slacks, loafers and a button-down shirt. With blazers available a variety of colors like blue, black, brown, beige and other options, you’ll have plenty of choices for every spring event.


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9. Clean White Tees

Basic tees may not seem like a staple, but they are a staple during any season. Choose from standard or V-shaped necklines. Wear the shirt underneath a button-down shirt. For a casual look, you can unbutton the top two or three buttons to reveal the white shirt underneath. As the weather warms up, you can take the button-down shirt off and still look polished in your white shirt. Clean, white shirts provide layering power that’s not possible with other items.

10. Fun Hats

The sun is coming out, so protect your head and face with a hat. Casual looks offer the opportunity to wear the classic bucket hat in springtime. With a brim that surrounds the head entirely, this hat helps with sun protection all day long. Try bright colors or hats with printed patterns. Bucket hats are meant to be fun expressions of your personality.

For semi-formal or formal events, the Panama hat is a gentleman’s staple. Pair it with pants and a blazer for the classiest look.

Stock up on Spring Wardrobe Staples

While we have lots of wardrobe essentials to have for spring, don’t feel pressured to buy everything at once! Purchase only one or two items for your spring wardrobe at a time. There’s no need to spend too much money at once for a refreshed look. From layering clothes on a cool day to striking out in shorts and a shirt the next day, spring has many opportunities for fashion fun. Keep your closet stocked with classic looks that work every time spring comes around.