Pre and Post-Workout Diets to Help You Gain Muscle Faster


If you are into fitness, you might have seen people endorsing various exercises. There is no doubt exercise is the key to a healthy life but experts also claim that you are what you eat. If the food you choose does not compliment your goal, you will soon start to notice that your exercise and the time and money you are investing in your exercise are going to waste. When you set your goal, you need to have a measurable goal so you can track your progress. This will also keep you time-bound. Most people when thinking about muscle gain, only look at protein shakes and some quick fixes that can boost their metabolism. However, everything that you eat impacts your overall progress.

With so many different ready-to-eat quick fixes available in the market, most beginners get confused about the diet selection process. To help you improve the speed of your muscle gaining progress, a protein-based diet plays a very important role. Here are some simple pre and post-workout diet options that will help your gain muscle faster and better.

Setting Diet Frequency

When you are aiming for some muscle gain you need to set your diet frequency first. This means breaking down the food protein but increasing the overall frequency. Your calorie count needs to be in surplus so your body can heal at a better [ace and it can add some extra muscle fibers as well. with high-protein food, you also need to keep in mind the kind of protein that you want to consume. It is better to have animal-based protein, however, there are plant-based proteins for vegan bodybuilders. You have to set a balanced diet where you need to consume fiber as well as a good amount of carbs, minerals, and vitamins. It is better to keep carbs low and get whole grain food more. However, your protein intake will help you set the tone of your workout.

What an Ideal Pre Workout Meal Should Look Like?

Most people think that you need to have a heavy meal before you start your workout and there is no doubt about it. However, your meal should be power-packed in terms of nutrition and not just in terms of quantity. Before the workout, you can consume protein mostly but make sure you are not eating too much. In case you had something heavy or you just had a burger, take 30 minutes till it digests properly.

An ideal pre-workout meal should consist of 6 egg whites and 2 egg yolks. You can also make an omelet with it or just have hard-boiled eggs. For the liquid, you need a protein shake. To add some fat you can take bacon along with one whole wheat bread and yogurt with granola.

What an Ideal Post Workout Meal Should Look Like?

For the post-workout meal try to go easy on your stomach. Most people get extremely hungry after a workout so they consume more than they should. However, keeping a good balance is important.

You can have a bowl of chicken soup along with a steak and some veggies on the side. For liquid drink at least 2 glasses of water some sessional juice and a shake.

Take Away

To sum it all up, your body requires extra protein so it can build and repair muscle fiber faster. You can either choose protein supplements or protein powder or you can choose to have organic protein options. Since most people think that portion powder can help them, they miss out on all the nutrients that they might be able to extract from a balanced diet. It is much better to have a full protein-based meal rather than relying on quick protein bars and shakes. Most experts recommend that it is better to have a pre and post-meal distribution so your body has enough protein to use all day.



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