4 Best Boxing Workouts for Strength Building and Weight Loss


Boxing is one of the most common and highly regarded combat sports globally. Most people either familiar with MMA or not like to watch boxing because they appreciate the legacy that boxing has. Boxing was once known to be the gentleman’s game because it was a sport that was played and appreciated only by elites. However, as the passion for combat spread and when this became a need, everyone loved it like a sport. Soon after, mainstream media highlighted the importance of boxing and boxers became celebrities. However, boxing was always connected with self-defense and nothing more. However recently, fitness enthusiasts have started using boxing as a functional exercise. Now, more people are getting into boxing due to its health benefits rather than its safety benefits.

With the help of this article, we will explore and enlist some of the main benefits that are linked with boxing. We will also mention simple yet functional boxing moves that you can use within your daily workout routines.

What Are The Benefits Of Boxing?

Boxing has so many different benefits starting from self-defense to weight loss. Some of the main benefits that are linked with boxing include:

  • Boxing helps in burning extra calories
  • Boxing helps you get rid of extra fat by reducing the fat content and improving muscle content
  • Boxing helps with reducing depression and anxiety
  • Boxing improves blood circulation which as a result improves the healing process
  • Boxing is good for detoxifying blood and helping the skin
  • Boxing improves focus and it is especially important and helpful for high school kids
  • Boxing improves muscle strength as well as heart health
  • Boxing is very good for maintaining blood sugar levels as well as blood cholesterol levels.

Top 4 Boxing Exercises That Will Help Weight Loss And Strength Building.

Boxing is an intense workout that consists of various function moves that you can use in day-to-day life. Within boxing, you will find simple moves that will mainly focus on the core strength as well as the upper body, lower body, and arms. Some of the boxing workouts that can help you burn extra calories, get lean muscle and reduce the fat content include:


Simple yet very easy and effective, shadowboxing is an exercise that is very simple. You can stand in front of the mirror and pose like you are in completion with an invisible opponent.

Heavy Bag Boxing

With a heavy bag workout, you will really have to punch and test the strength of your upper body. You need to start with punching a heavy bag with full strength for 2 minutes straight. Then take a 30 seconds break and get back to it till you break a sweat.

Dumbbell Punch

Dumbbell punches are great for arm strength, all you need is some light dumbbells and then you have to start shadow boxing while you have a firm grip on your dumbbells.


Combination punches exercises will help you explore and improve your combination practice and also helps you improve the range of your arms. This is a great workout when done in a HIIT pattern.

Take Away

To sum it all up, boxing is not just another simple combat game that you can use for safety. It is a lifestyle that will impact your daily routine, your diet as well as your exercises, and the way you conduct yourself. Most people are trying to get their kids involved in boxing at a young age. Although this is mainly due to the safety benefits it is not just limited to safety benefits. In fact, it is more about mental health benefits that are linked with the safety of the individual. Boxing requires a great deal of focus so kids who struggle with ADHD can try boxing and this will help them improve their focus in day-to-day life as well as studies. Apart from this, boxing helps in burning extra calories and works as a great cardio substitute.





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