Best everyday trousers for women 2022

Women’s work trousers remain an essential part of any outfit, but finding the perfect pair is

difficult. It might be challenging to find the right pair to invest in, given the plethora of options

available in the market. 

Many of us have trouble finding the right pair of trousers that fit us like a dream. And most of us

believe that there’s something wrong with our body shape and be hard on ourselves! And how

can you not when most manufacturers use the European measurement chart while designing,

which is in no way comparable to our "gifted with curves" Indian bodies?

Trouser’s design styles are made to fit you, not the other way around, paying close regard to the

relevant requirements of the typical Indian lady and clever functionality that matches their daily


Essential attributes that affect women’s formal trouser selections 

Avoiding certain loud shades for office wear is the best bet. The cut is the next thing you should

consider. Are they baggy, straight, narrow, or wide-legged? Every fit has its personality. Along

with style, when purchasing women’s formal pants, you should consider the price point, comfort,

and fit.

Different kinds of dressy pants for ladies that fit specific body types  

There are many different styles of business attire available for women, including thin to plus size

office wear, straight cuts, relaxed fits, wide-legged trousers, slim appears to fit, and extra-loose

fits. There are formal pants for ladies that suit every body shape, for instance:

Inverted triangle: To create balance, stay away from trousers that hug your body and

choose instead for loose fits and straight cuts. 

Rectangle shape: Wide-legged pants and straight cuts are best for the rectangle form.

Make them snug at the waist to provide a little definition. 

Hourglass shape: Slim fitting, straight cut, & loose fits are the most significant types of

women’s trousers for the office for the hourglass shape since they function with this body

type the best.

Here’s a quick guide to finding the best fit

  1. Check if the clothes feel tight by squatting as low as possible to see if they feel

comfortable. Although pockets may somewhat gape when you crouch, they must be filled

when you stand correctly.

  1. Make a straight angle with the back when you bend about 90 degrees. If you can see your

cleavage, your neckline is too deep, or the fit surrounding your bust is incorrect.

  1. Put the leg onto a couch or chair and attempt a crunch while standing. If your seams

appear stretched, it’s probably because your pants are too tight.

  1. Take a stretchy item of clothing in your hand, and tug at the material for 30 seconds. The

fabric’s powerful stretch will last long if it recovers fast.

  1. While wearing the item, pay particular attention to the hems and seams. They’re okay if

they match your natural form and don’t cause posture distortion.

  1. Your clothing fit should not roll up on your stomach or slide upward when you sit down.
  2. When you project forward while placing both hands on your waist, any buttoned top-

wear that shows from the bust or stomach is too tight for you.

Here are the top 5 picks of trousers you must have from

Fable street  

  1. LivIn Air Wide Leg Pants – Black

These LivIn trousers are ankle-length, wide-leg. Livin Air trousers are in black with a high-rise

waistline. These pants are stretchy, easy to put on, and don’t require a zipper. They feel ultra-soft,

lighter, and stretchable. It flatters your belly because of its technical fabric that holds your waist.

It is appropriate for the season are some of these pants’ features.

  1. Elasticated Wide Leg Trousers – Bottle Green

It’s a pair of wide-leg, mid-rise bottle green pants with pockets and a zip fly. These polyester

garments are silky, comfy, and wrinkle-resistant.

  1. Wide Leg Trousers – Pink

These pink wide-leg, mid-rise pants include an elasticised waist, hook-and-eye fasteners, a zip

closure, and pockets. These are cosy and permeable since they are made of Cotton Lycra.

  1. Elasticated Wide Leg Trousers – Red

The waist and bottom of these red pants are elastic. Wide legs are present on the trousers. These

soft, comfy pants are made of Polyester Moss Lycra.

  1. Knife Pleat Straight Turn-up Trousers – Beige

Knife pleats in the front, a fly zip, and side pockets will help you close that boardroom

transaction with style. This earthy pair is given a fashionable twist by the turn-up hemline. These

are structured, cosy, and breathable thanks to the use of premium cotton flax in their creation,

giving you comfort and ease all day long.