What makes turquoise the favorite gemstone of many?


One of the oldest gemstones, Turquoise is enriched in cultural significance. The gemstone is considered unique. Gem lovers are fond of its vibrant hues. Small patches or veins of brown or black color from the host rock can be found in its body. Some are attracted to these unusual patterns in the gemstone, while some think that these lower its value.

Many factors tell the value of the gemstone:

  • The gemstone is loved for its intense blue color. Its color ranges from sky blue to paler sky blue, to greenish-blue, or light green depending on the iron and copper it contains. The most valued color is intense blue, but all gem shades have their admirers, all of which have the same metaphysical properties.
  • Throughout history, people have believed in many virtues of the crystal. For example, the Zunis of New Mexico believed turquoise jewelry protected them from demons. According to the Navajos, the crystal had fallen from the sky. It was also believed that a change in stone’s color meant danger or illness.
  • It is a Throat Chakra stone, and hence it works on the issues in that area. It can heal respiratory issues, allergies, migraines, and nose, ear, and throat problems. It keeps you away from panic attacks. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help the wearer with issues like rheumatism.
  • Turquoise is a strengthening stone. It will boost your immune system and help the assimilation of nutrients into your body. In addition, it will help in curing your mood swings, and you will be able to feel fresh and clear-headed when you start wearing this stone.
  • Turquoise is the best stone for creating a chic look. Its color is versatile and goes with many colors. If you like complementing color tones, you can pair it with neutrals like white, gray, black, and brown. Turquoise worn with warm colors brings out a beautiful contrast.
  • The gemstone is also considered for engagement rings these days for its uniqueness. Many brides want unconventional things for their D day, and experimenting with the proposal ring can surely be a beautiful surprise for them. Just make sure you choose a protective bezel setting for a turquoise ring.

  • The gemstone is suitable for minimalist jewelry as well as statement pieces. You can combine the classic, dainty pieces with your casuals and keep the big chunky jewelry for evening dresses.
  • Turquoise jewelry will increase your confidence by not just looking beautiful but also by healing you emotionally. It induces a sense of calm and serenity. It will lift your spirits and relieve your stress. It is known as the stone of purification that clears all the negative energy. It will aid you in self-realization and creatively solving your problems. It will calm you while you are speaking in public.
  • As a birthstone for Sagittarians, it helps them not be blunt in their conversations and people-pleasing. It will prevent them from overreacting to the situations.
  • The gemstone is beneficial who feel like they have narcissistic traits. It helps them see outside of their own needs and consider others’ points of view. Wearing Turquoise helps them to be empathetic towards others.

Occurrence of the gemstone

The gemstone is usually found as an aggregate of microcrystals. Closely packed microcry stals mean the gem has more excellent durability. It is formed best in an arid climate. Rainfall seeps through soil and rock, dissolving small amounts of copper. When the water evaporates, the copper combines with aluminum and phosphorus to form Turquoise.

Turquoise jewelry trends

The gem has been used throughout history in jewelry and adornments. The gemstone has been found in 6000 years old royal burials. Ancient artisans in New Mexico produced beads, pendants, and small sculptures using the stone. The jewelry got admiration for vibrant glowing hue and its artistic silver work.

With the emerge of the use of coin silver to make jewelry in the late 1800s by the native American artists, Turquoise and sterling silver style of Native American jewelry became famous and is still in the trend. The gemstone also got a boost of popularity in 1912, when it was named as one of the original modern birthstones for December. Demand for the gem had gone high in the United States in the 1970s too. The demand for turquoise jewelry is always highest in the southwestern states. The gemstone jewelry is an investment for a long time as it is a timeless accessory.

Where to buy turquoise jewelry?

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