If you look at the basket doll fashion looks ummo analsinde …!


Pooja Hegde, a puppet who excels in all movies from Tollywood to Bollywood, has been introduced in Telugu for a movie called Laila. After that she acted with all the top heroes in Telugu. The beauty queen recently teamed up with Allu Arjun in ‘Ala Vaikunthapuram’

Even everyone knows that the tribe was entertained. However, this beauty-kissing scarecrow impresses everyone on screen with her fashionable outfits in real life. Take a look at the latest latest outfits for college ladies that she has shared on her social media account …

Mix and match ..

It is also one of the favorite fashion outfits of many college girls. That is why people are more interested in wearing this type of clothing that is mixed with different trends. Similar basket doll pooja was also followed. The shoe she wears with this dress impresses everyone in the tribe.

In Pink Dress …

See how beautiful Pooja Hegde looks in most girls favorite pink dress. Achcham is shining like a star in the sky .. Kurrakar is going crazy with his laughter.

Simple as that ..

This sell-out fashion means a lot of make-up .. shit-filled jewelry .. seems to be a bit far-fetched. Because in this picture she shines very simply in white and black dress. So she completed her look very simply with her matching.

Well done ..

Once upon a time our dress was very simple but .. it makes many people shine beautifully and stylishly. This lehenga also belongs to such a category. Green and silver ear rings matching the black color dress here further enhance the basket doll beauty.

Dresses like this ..

Yellow color dresses worn by Pooja Hegde are now widely available in the market. It is not difficult to wear these and shine fashionably. If you also have a hairstyle that is set to a similar dress like this basket doll .. Is that correct?

Towards lehengas ..

Girls show .. No matter what the event, girls are more likely to wear lehenga. However, there are many people who stay away from these because they are heavy. But if you follow worship you will not feel like this. See also.

Heavy look does not want fear ..

Pooja Hegde is so beautiful that she can adjust her hair with a green and gold black lehenga. There is no need to fear that something like this will have a heavy look.

The look is very special ..

Most parties are held in the evening or at night. Everyone wants our look to be unique when it comes to things like this. Parties in particular get ready a few hours in advance. If you want to be the center of attraction in all such people, you have to take a lot of care in everything. Look at the pooja .. like a yellow doll shining in the dark .. how stylish it looks …

Nice drops in a sari too ..

No matter how many trends in fashion change .. no matter how many clothes change .. the importance of traditional sari is not all. But it also tried to be fashionable. Recently, Vizag also participated in the Success Meet with this sari. This sari is made of matching ear rings and white jasmine flowers on the head. Not only that, he also sang a beautiful Telugu song and entertained everyone. These simple saris are very much available in the market now.

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