Sonam Kapoor turned into a golden doll in the fashion factor …


Those who have seen the movie Zoya The Factor in Bollywood will remember Sonam Kapoor very well. Because in that movie, this Bollywood beauty is made the goddess of cricket. Because of her beauty .. All the fans believe that India will win all the matches because of her step.

The Bollywood actress, who has gained so much popularity, is making her fashion sense as a promotion platform for any movie. A good example is the wine that has recently turned into a golden doll wearing a gold lehenga. No matter how many stars shine in Lakme Fashion 2020 .. this bhama style is different. Take a look at this bhama fashion dress which is a long leg beautiful …

Stylish Sonam specialty …

I can say that there is no one better than Sonam Kapoor in presenting any dress in a stylish way. Various lehengas .. This sale is shining many times in Shari Trends. However, the gold lehenga she is currently wearing is unique.

Puttadi bommala ..

In this golden lehenga dress, this long-legged beauty looked like a doll. She wore silver jewelry to match the dress. Also completed her looks with stunning makeup. The beautiful bhama shared her photos on Instagram.

Girl-friendly designs ..

Lehenga is also one of the favorite fashions floral designs for many girls. That is why no matter how many trends come, the uniqueness of these is different. They are especially good for long legs. That is why the popularity of these will never decrease. Check out these outfits worn by Soman to see how awesome it is. You know yourself.

Fashion expertise ..

There are so many beautiful bhamas in Bollywood .. no matter how many people follow fashion .. I can say that no one can try fashion as long as this beauty bhama follows. Because she has a lot of expertise in fashion. This is proven once again by Lakme Fashion 2020. She also took great care to match her bras light and necklace around her neck to her dress.

If you want a good look ..

Most girls fall for makeup and die. However anyone should be careful in choosing which shed fits. Makeup should also be chosen accordingly. Only then will the girls get a good look. Sonam is ahead of everyone in this regard. The gold lehenga dress she wore made her look even more beautiful.

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