Grammy Awards 2020: Priyanka Chopra and Jonas Jodi hit out with hot poses …


Bollywood beauty Priyanka Chopra with her foreign husband Nick Jonas made a splash at the Grammy Awards 2020. The duo impressed everyone so much. The latest worn by Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas during the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards will surprise everyone.

The couple is hanging out where the international event is. Priyanka, who is always ahead in the fashion world, especially impressed the fans with her new dresses. Take a look at them too …

On social media …

She is very active in Bollywood, Hollywood as well as social media. She also frequently shares highlights of her personal life.

She is fashion

Recently this Bollywood beauty bhama participated in the prestigious awards. The fashion dress she wore on this occasion is especially impressive.

White Long Skirt

Especially if you look at her newly worn white long skirt, the boy must be mad. She posted these photos on social media. 4) Even after marriage …

Even after marriage …

Netizens who have seen these photos are commenting in their own style. Priyanka is rumored to be so beautiful even after marriage.

If a fan On social media, a fan commented, “Leave Priyanka Nick and marry me.”

America captures Priyanka ..

Another fan is commenting that the Kohinoor diamond was seized by England while Priyanka Chopra was caught by America.

Your response ..

Priyanka Chopra What do you think about Jonas Grammy looks? Let us know in the comments section.

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