How to remove eyelash extensions at home

Many people would like to have a penetrating and intense gaze. One of the best treatments that have been carried out for years to achieve this is putting eyelash extensions. This technique, which can be done hair by hair in a false way, ensures that for about a month you can show off huge, leafy and curly eyelashes in the most natural and aesthetic way possible. More and more people are opting for this type of aesthetic solution and going to clinics to have them fitted. However, as much as you take care of it and try to keep it intact, over time you have to remove them to let the pores of the eyelashes breathe and have strength and vitality.

If you have eyelash extensions on and you feel like it’s time to remove them but you don’t want to have to go to the clinic again, let me tell you that there are several ways you can do it yourself. That is why, in this new OneHOWTO article, we are going to tell you how to remove eyelash extensions at home so that you can do it comfortably and with effective results.

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humidity and heat

As you know, the care of eyelash extensions consists precisely in keeping the artificial hair clean and dry so that it lasts as long as possible. That is why, one of the tricks to remove eyelash extensions at home that usually works best is to apply heat and humidity. For this, it is best to use steam , so you can take advantage of the moment of the shower to use hot water and generate a steam that weakens the glue of the eyelashes.

If you prefer, you can also give yourself a facial steam bath that, in addition to removing your eyelashes, will open your pores and eliminate toxins. Here you can learn some tips on How to steam clean your face .

Oil-based facial products

Another of the premises when caring for your eyelash extensions is precisely not to apply make-up removers or oil treatments. Therefore, on this occasion, you must do the opposite and, to make the artificial eyelashes detach and remove from the eye, you must apply make-up remover wipes or cotton with some facial product that contains oil .

Thus, the oily texture will make the artificial hair of the eyelash detach and slide and, on the other hand, we will prevent the boils of the eyelashes from becoming clogged, generating annoying styes.

If you do not have a specific product for the face that contains oil, you can choose to use an essential oil directly such as castor oil or, failing that, olive oil . Being such an oily base, you will notice how, after a few applications (which can take a few hours or a day), the eyelash extensions begin to fall little by little . You just have to be constant and every night apply a few drops of either of the two oils with the help of gauze or cotton and rub carefully and without getting into the eyes. Little by little the extensions will weaken and fall.

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Professional glue remover

If you want to remove your eyelash extensions yourself at home but none of the tricks work for you, one of the best options is to obtain a professional product online that guarantees the results. Many online stores sell professional eyelash removers that specifically dissolve the glue that holds the extensions to the eyelashes. With a single application you will notice the results , but before applying it you should carefully read the instructions for use, since they are usually products with many chemicals.

Coconut oil when they start to fall

With the use of any of the treatments that we have mentioned, you will notice how the eyelashes end up peeling off as the days go by . It is important that, when this begins to happen, you gently help the extensions to detach so that your natural lashes do not suffer.

To do this, one of the best tricks is to apply coconut oil with a cotton ball and carefully rub while you accompany the extensions and they come off. It is very important that you understand that you should not pull them or try to tear them off because, most likely, you will end up tearing out your own eyelashes as well and they will be very sparse. You may be interested in reading this other article on How to grow eyelashes with coconut oil .

On the other hand, it is recommended that once your eyelashes are free of extensions, you give them time to regenerate and regain strength. That is why it is best not to use eyelash curlers or very aggressive or strong makeup products. You can also choose to apply mascara for a week to restore vitality.

Using eyelash extensions is fashionable and can be a great alternative to enhance your look, but always try to use good quality products or seek advice from an aesthetic professional to avoid problems.

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