Can I Still Be Fashionable As a Minimalist?

Minimalist fashion has been all the rage lately, but you don’t have to be an avid follower of this trend to reap the benefits it provides! Many minimalists say that wearing fewer items of clothing can improve your wardrobe and your style if you approach it correctly. With this in mind, we wanted to share with you the main ways that minimalist fashion can benefit both men and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Why minimalism is more than a trend

We have a major problem in our culture where we define ourselves by what we own rather than what we do or who we are. One way to start thinking of yourself differently is to strip away all that extra stuff and see what you’re left with. As you start on your journey to minimalism, keep in mind that it’s not just a clothing thing—it’s a lifestyle choice. If you’re interested in ditching it all, there are lots of ways to do so without sacrificing comfort or fashion sense.

The first step is knowing how and why minimalism is more than a trend. Even if you don’t want to give up any other material possessions, it can be easy to go through your closet and find things that don’t fit or need replacing. It’s also easy to clean out undergarments, old swimsuits, winter coats (when it’s warm), and shoes (when they’ve worn out). Once you’ve started making room in your closet by giving away clothes that no longer work with your lifestyle or don’t fit anymore, you might find yourself wondering whether everything else should go too.

How to incorporate minimalist fashion into your wardrobe

When thinking about your closet, it’s important to ask yourself, “Does every item in my closet bring me joy? If not, take it out! Of course, don’t throw out any items that have sentimental value such as heirlooms or items of religious beliefs such as Honey & Ice religious necklaces that have meaning to you. Don’t think that your wardrobe has to be entirely black and white. There’s no right or wrong way to minimalist fashion – just wear what makes you feel most confident!  If you want to start a simple outfit with minimalist pieces, try pairing one statement piece with basics like leggings and a top for women or a basic polo t-shirt and sweats for men.

For example, if you have a long coat that is in an eye-catching color like yellow or pink, pair it with black colored tights and tops like white or again, black. It will look very chic without being too over-the-top! It’s important to note that coats and winter jackets for women and for men are a staple. If you invest in a quality one, it’ll be the only one you need.

As for accessories, choose only one – whether it’s sunglasses or jewelry – so that your outfit doesn’t get too cluttered up. Another idea is to use your shoes as an accessory by choosing ones with interesting colors or designs on them.

Must-have minimalist pieces every closet needs

Most of us are guilty of holding on to clothes we never wear, with our closets overflowing with items we haven’t worn in years. Whether you go cold turkey or work up to it, going minimalist is about having fewer choices – and can be just as fun and liberating. A minimalist wardrobe consists of those items that get used over and over again, allowing you to make more room for new items without guilt. With some personal evaluation and strategic shopping, anyone can create their wardrobe essentials – no matter how big or small their budget is! It might take some time to cut down your collection of clothing but if you start now, you will soon have a capsule wardrobe worth bragging about. Here are a few basic pieces every closet needs:

  • Black jeans/pants: Every woman should have at least one pair of black pants she can count on when she wants to look polished and put together. For men, black jeans are an absolute must-have! Try bootcut styles (for women) or straight leg styles (for men).
  • Neutral colored button-down shirt: This piece works well tucked into pants or layered under sweaters. The best part about these shirts is they come in so many colors so you can mix and match them to suit any occasion. If possible, try out different brands until you find one that fits well and holds its shape after washing; then stock up because you’ll want more than one neutral-colored shirt in your closet!
  • White t-shirt: White tees are perfect for layering under cardigans, blazers, and jackets. They also work well on their own with jeans on casual days.
  • Black blazer/cardigan/jacket: No matter what clothing style you prefer, having at least one black item in your wardrobe will help anchor an outfit when paired with other neutrals or bolder colors like reds and oranges.
  • Dress shoes (for women): Every woman needs at least one pair of dress shoes that are comfortable enough to wear all day long but still look polished for work or formal events. It’s also helpful if they’re versatile enough to be worn with skirts or pants – making them an essential for every woman’s wardrobe.
  • Slip-on sneakers (for men): When it comes to comfort, slip-on sneakers are hard to beat. Whether you have athletic calves or wide feet, there’s sure to be a pair of slip-ons available that will fit comfortably without feeling too loose or tight. Try out different styles until you find one that feels just right.
  • Two sets of accessories at most. When it comes to accessories such as belts, you should have one you wear every day such as these belts that are easy to adjust

The important thing about minimalism is that it’s more of a goal than an actual set of rules. There are still plenty of ways to make outfits with fewer pieces than you have now – you just need to experiment.