The Ultimate Guide For Beginners How To Do Makeup good


The primer works also as a moisturizer, but it is more than that: it smooths the skin, regulates the production of sebum and corrects the slight imperfections of the skin. Just like foundation or concealer, you must consider your skin type (normal, dry or oily) when you buy the primer. It has to be applied first, just before the foundation.

The foundation is the most important and very demanding. And why? Actually it is the only thing that shouldn’t be noticed at all. If it is not in the shade of your skin, your face could look like a mask. If you are not absolutely sure that it does fit in hue and intensity, then just choose the concealer. You must also pay attention to the final look of the skin so that the foundation is beautifully applied/stretched on the face and without demarcation lines (pay attention at your jaw, chin, and hairline).

The under-eye concealer must successfully cover the dark circles under your eyes and small imperfections of the skin, without too much illuminating the area under the eyes. The simplest concealer to apply is the one with liquid texture.

The fixing and mattifying face powder can be tinted to match your skin tone or translucent. If you respect these parameters, then it just mattifies without affecting the skin color. For a controlled dosage, apply the powder with a large brush.

Eye Makeup

The eyebrow kit is more indicated than the pencil because the final look will be more. The pencil is especially recommended to experienced make-up artists. The shade of the eyebrow should be close to your hair color, but light enough to take natural and dark enough to give some definition to your brows.

The eye shadow is also one of the most important things in make-up. It is applied both on the eyelids and under the eyes. If you don’t have experience in make-up yet, you should use some neutral colors in powder texture. The most common and natural eyelid shades are mole, gray, beige, brown, chocolate or gray tones. Apply these shades with a blending brush to get smokey eyes in natural tones. Try not to exceed the fold of the eyelids and just keep on the moving eyelids.

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Brown or black contouring eye pencil is perfect for a big and beautiful look. If you can’t draw the contour too, you should apply it with a contour brush for a smokey effect. Or you can get the same effect by drawing the outline and very delicately spread with a ball of cotton wool.

Mascara should be applied especially to the root of the eyelashes for volume and curled effect. The application movement is zigzag. If the genes have been loaded too much, then they can be combed to remove the surplus. “The whole point of mascara is to make sure it gets to the root of your lashes”, says Leykind.

Cheek and Lips

Peach blush is the most popular and is generally suitable for everyone. The easiest way to apply it is to smile in the mirror and apply it to the cheekbones. You’ll have a more natural look now.

The lipstick is the only make-up requirement for many women. When you have to choose the lipstick, you should consider many things (the eye shadow, the moment of the day, the lighting, the color of your eyes or your outfit). If you want a natural make-up for daily use, you should go for the natural tones. The easiest way to apply it is directly on the lips. Be careful that if the lipstick does not belong to you, this method is not so hygienic. You can also apply lipstick with the help of a brush as an alternative, but it requires a little exercise.

You do not have to be scared of the awkward results, especially since you can always delete it and start over again. It is important to exercise in front of natural light as much as possible.

Other Makeup Rules for beginners:

Invest in high-quality products (especially when it comes to foundation and eye shadow) and also in some quality brushes. They will last for a long time and will help you with a better, more beautiful and natural make-up.

There are many types of eyebrow coloring products available in cosmetics stores. Choose an eyebrow pencil shade that best matches your hair color and fill in the “gaps” from your eyebrows using that product.

If you plan to have a crisp eye makeup, choose a neutral shade for the lipstick. The final look will be better if you highlight a single feature of your face.

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