You can not take your eyes off the beauty of Kiara kicking … Do not miss the girls at all .!


Kiara Advani has appeared in the film Bharat Anu I with Mahesh Babu in a very traditional way. Not only that, Vinaya Vidheya also acted in the film Rama and became very close to the Telugu people. Earlier, the actress had shared her acting talent with the MS Dhoni film.

In addition, Arjun Reddy’s remake Kabir Singh also got good marks as the heroine in the film. The fashions that follow on this Bollywood bhama silver screens impress all the girls so much. However, this Bollywood kiss is not just on the silver screen.

Even in her real life, she wears fashionable dresses to suit the occasion and attracts everyone’s attention. Recently, this beauty bhama did a photo shoot in Bridal Looks and shared it on social media. As a result, they are becoming more and more viral. Especially the lehenga designs she wears look like dochi to the girls. Take a look at the top out fits worn by Kiara Advani and …

In lehenga dress ..

Kiara Advani recently went to her friend’s wedding. There he became busy in the role of the accompanying bride. At that time this Bollywood beauty bhama stole everyone’s attention in a lehenga dress.

Kundanapu bommala ..

Kiara Advani looked like a doll in this lehenga dress. She also posted these photos on her Instagram and Twitter.

Diamond Jewelery ..

Bhama, who played the traditional heroine in Mahesh Babu’s movie, is turning everyone’s eyes on her in real life by wearing fashionable dresses. The lehenga dress she wore recently was paired with diamond jewelry and sparkled with an intoxicating sparkle.

At first glance …

At first glance Dubai-based designer Faraz Manan found everyone in a beautiful silver lehenga-choli combo. The sleeveless choli is embellished with a wide embroidered dress with a V-Nike line.

In a second look ..

For the second time, she wore a lehenga designed by ace designer Manish Malhotra in a pink dress. It is packed with full sleeve choli. It finished its look with a stunning diamond jewelry ear rings as well as a silver and gold coat.

Deva Kanyala ..

Whoever wears white color dresses .. to shine so beautifully .. especially to look like a goddess virgin is possible for very few people. Itte understands what Kiara Advani looks like when she wears a good designer lehenga. Sleeveless top, sequined lehenga with diamond jewelery and a simple hairstyle …

If you go to parties like this …

If the white color fits the mirror work, the look will be different. If you look at this beauty pageant, you will understand what it is like to wear such a dress to functions and parties that take place at night. This bhama put on a nice choker along with glasses paired with outfits.

Good looks ..

This lehenga dress worn by Kiara Advani sounds great. Although there is no big work on this lehenga, the floral designs on it give a good look to the dress. The choker worn by Kiara to match the dress, however, looks very highlighted.

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