How to Choose the Best Waist Bead Strand for Yourself?


What is Waist Beads?

Waist beads are traditional African accessories popular all over the world. Ghana, Nigeria, and various other West African countries consider wearing waist beads as a symbol of spiritual well-being, femininity, sensuality, and fertility.

You can get a variety of waist bead designs and options online. Out of which deciding which waist bead strand is best for you can be challenging. But don’t worry! We are here to help you decide how to choose waist beads for yourself.

How to Choose Waist Beads?

1. Pay attention to what catches your eye:-


Your eyes are like windows of your soul- It’s true. While looking at waist beads design choose and pay close attention to the waist beads you are attracted to. Because when your eye is attracted by color it simply means your inner self is guiding you to select a strand that brings positive vibrations.


2. Assess your Intention:-

Your intentions for waist beads also help you choose the best waist beads for yourself. For instance, if you want universal love energy into your life then while choosing waist beds for yourself you will choose a strand that gives you the universal love feeling. Each time you wear beads based on your intention, you will feel satisfied. In this way, you will make an association with the bead, each time you see it and feel it, your intention comes back to the front of your mind’s eye.

3. Clasps or no Clasps, What’s Your Preference?

The waist beads are for permanent use. Most of these are durable waist beads. These waist beads are double-lined and ensure that they are strong enough to slip but not get loose enough to fall off from the hips. Whatever your preference, but it’s you need to be clear about it.

4. How Many Strands?

Women, who start wearing waist beads regularly. They wear at least 2 strands. Women wear these multiple strands with a different intention. Whatever you prefer 1 or 8, having an idea in your mind of how many strands of waist beads looks good on you will help you decide which designs are best for you.

Why you should wear them?

Weight awareness

Waist beads are widely used to gauge weight changes. Instead of using a scale, people can use african weight loss beads to keep themselves aware of any weight gain or loss.


Waist beads are a cultural tradition that is associated with womanhood, maturity, and growth. In ghana, people prefer waist beads for their baby on the naming ceremony

In West Africa, some mothers tie a pair of waist beads to their daughters while the first menstruation cycle starts to symbolize their entry in womanhood.

Intimacy and fertility

Many women in the world wear waist beads to enhance their sensuality. Some women wear during sex when they’re trying to conceive only in front of their partner.

Heritage and pride

Women of all races wear waist beads especially black women to celebrate their heritage and cultural practices. Today, its usage has become a cultural tradition between black and brown women.

Some women don’t have direct knowledge. But the waist beads are a constant physical reminder for all to describe that heritage is never as far away as we think.


Waist beads help yourself more aware of your figure as well as your stomach.  The fitting of waist beads depends on posture- how one is sitting and breathing.  It is considered as a reminder to sit up straight, relax your back, breathe properly and engage your muscle in the stomach.

Conclusion: – Waist beads have their own importance for everyone. Some people consider it a symbol of heritage and culture. And, some for weight awareness and maturity. You can buy waist beads of your choice. Above mentioned tips help you in deciding how to choose the best waist beads for yourself. For the best waist beads collection, you can visit the Tadalu website freely.

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