Why You Should Try a Draped-Layers Haircut for Fall 2022

Draped-Layers Haircut

Draped-Layers Haircut

Even though it might still feel like summer, the fall season is quickly approaching. That means it’s time to start thinking about which fall hairstyle might be best for you. In addition to darker, richer color trends, the upcoming season has already popularized a few swoon-worthy haircuts that will make you eager to put away your summer wardrobe and break out your sweaters and boots. The draped-layers haircut is topping lists everywhere and providing fall haircut inspiration to people near and far. Here’s a closer look at the season’s most coveted haircut, how to style it and more. 

What Is a Draped-Layers Haircut?

To start, it’s important to know that a draped-layers look doesn’t necessarily have to involve the use of professional hair color. Instead, the look is most simply defined as a haircut. It features beautiful, healthy-looking layers, thanks to the use of professional hair care products, that frame the face and drape over the forehead and the outer edges of the face. It’s an effortless look that’s reminiscent of curtain bangs with a bit more length and dimension. The layers move from short to long without looking choppy or too defined to create a cohesive and fluid look.

Though this look doesn’t require the application of hair color, doing so can definitely elevate the look and add to the overall fall theme. If you’re looking to pair a draped-layers haircut with professional hair color, you have quite a few options. You might consider a deep brunette look full of body and shine, caramel highlights or even a blend of warm blonde colors to transition from summer to fall. It’s up to you!

How to Get a Draped-Layers Haircut

For stylists, creating a draped-layers haircut is much like cutting traditional face-framing layers. The key is to talk to the client before their appointment and make sure you are both on the same page regarding specifics and the client’s intended results. A draped-layers haircut includes layers that cascade down and away from the face in different lengths. Stylists should begin with the shortest layer and move down from there to create the perfect draped look. This particular haircut works well as a dry cut, but once the hair has been blown dry, it’s easier to see imperfections and areas that need more attention. 

If you’re a client looking to get a draped-layer look, be sure to chat with your stylist or salon beforehand. Ask for layers that move from short to long and be sure to specify where you want the shortest layer to start. Instead of using words like “choppy” or “textured,” mention to your stylist that your vision involves blended layers that cascade down past the shoulders and frame the face. 

Styling a Draped-Layer Haircut

The great part about this look is that there is a lot of leeway in terms of execution and styling. A draped-layer haircut works well with most hair types and lengths, though it’s best if the hair is at least shoulder length to get the full effect. Having said that, a mini draped-layer haircut looks fresh and fabulous on bobs and lobs! In any case, the draped-layer look favors a few styling techniques and products in particular. 

In general, layers are best styled with body and volume to show off their dimension and shape. For this look, it’s important to utilize professional hair styling products like volumizing spray, mousse and more to help damp hair reach its full potential during the blow drying process. After products have been applied, the hair should be blown out in sections starting at the bottom. Use a round brush and a blow dryer nozzle to get the exact intended shape and level of volume for each layer.

When blow drying, be sure to move the round brush away from the face. Though contrary to many other blowout techniques, this type of movement will help the layers drape on top of one another and create the signature draped-layer look. Once the hair has been blow-dried to perfection, give those layers a bit of extra hold with salon-approved texture hair products like texture spray, pomade or balm. 

Maintaining the Look

Every haircut should be followed up with a good maintenance routine, and the draped-layers haircut is no different. To keep those layers looking healthy, touchable and smooth, make sure to prevent damage by using nourishing shampoo, conditioner and products. Minimize the use of thermal tools when possible and use a heat protectant on the hair before blow drying, curling or straightening. Keeping up with a routine like this one and heading to the salon for regular trims will help a draped-layers haircut last!