Change Your Skin Care Routine into a Skin Care Ritual


They say self-care is a way to take your power back. Well, this quote strikes home. After a long, stressful day, there’s no better way to time out and end the night than prioritize yourself. Doing things solely for you can alleviate your worries and give you that much-deserved rest.

Even better, developing a consistent self-care routine can strengthen your ability to cope with issues and promote resilience against problems.

Benefits of Committing to a Skin Care Routine

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Uncertainty does not sit well with most people. You may be concerned about the possibility of losing control. And perhaps, what you need is some type of order to gain control over your life.

Following a skincare routine is an effective way to do just that. It helps you take hold of yourself and do things you anticipate. As your skincare regimen turns into a habit, you ground yourself by maintaining control. At the same time, you get to destress while you’re at it.

Your skincare regimen is helpful not only for achieving great skin but also beneficial to your mental health. Double cleansing, toning, using serums, and moisturizing first thing in the morning or just before bed can go a long way in preventing the symptoms of aging.

Additionally, it aids in treating dry skin, unpleasant breakouts, blemishes, and other conditions. With a skincare routine, you hit two birds with one stone. You get to take care of both your mental and physical well-being.

7 Self-Care Tips to Incorporate into Your Skin Care Ritual

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But while taking care of your skin regularly is a great self-care practice, imagine what this would do for your mind, soul, and body if you take it a step further! Skincare regimen aside, what additional practices can you integrate into your routine? Here are some self-care habits you can do to supplement your skincare routine.

  1. Light-up scented candles

Aromatherapy using scented candles has been recognized as a relaxing practice for decades. Simply lighting up a scented candle is a game-changer in any self-care regimen. It can reduce stress and improve your mood by producing happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin. As a rule of thumb, chamomile, citrus scents, jasmine, lavender, and vanilla are all calming fragrances.

 Practice self-gratitude

According to studies, when people look in the mirror, they don’t seem as stunning to themselves as they appear to others. That’s because people are accustomed to their beauty that they don’t appreciate their appearance.

Admit it, you may even concentrate on your imperfections. However, instead of focusing on your flaws, recognize your positive traits and features every time you look in the mirror. Embrace your imperfections rather than altering them.

Self-image has a significant influence on your mental and emotional well-being. You may practice throughout your self-care routine by staring yourself in the eyes and telling yourself that you are unique in every aspect and you will never find anybody like you!

  1. Call a friend

Everyone relies on someone to thrive. With that, socialization is a vital aspect of self-care. When life becomes hectic, it’s challenging to spend time with friends, and it’s tempting to overlook your relationships. But your wellness depends on your ability to maintain close ties.

Investing time and attention into developing intimacy with people is a good practice to nurture and sustain relationships. A simple, short call with your friend while following your skincare routine can refresh your mind, give you support, and stabilize your emotions.

  1. Get a face massage

Face massages should be non-negotiable in your skincare regimen. It promotes lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation, relaxes your facial muscles, and makes you seem younger. Adding a vitamin C-based serum or moisturizing oils to your skincare routine may help you feel more self-assured and give you that calming effect. But don’t simply slap them on.

You can use massage tools like a trendy jade roller, gua shas, or even your hands for maximum absorption.

 Practice mindful breathing

Mindful breathing coupled with focusing on eliminating your cluttered thoughts may help you achieve a feeling of serenity and balance. This can promote your general health as well as your mindset, allowing you to go through your day more calmly.

When you practice meditating every night, you can rid your mind of the information overload that builds up during the day. It encourages a fresh perspective on difficult circumstances – focusing on the present moment, and increasing your self-awareness.

 Listen to music

Because it activates the parasympathetic nervous system positively, slow beat tunes can reduce the heart rate. Moreover, listening to your favorite tunes can positively affect your mood. So, while you’re doing your skincare, why not listen to some soothing music? You may relax to meditation or slow sounds or dance to your favorite beats.

  1. Incorporate beauty rituals

Apart from following a skincare regimen, the process of applying cosmetics, doing your nails, or having a long warm bath has been shown to help calm your stressors. Anxiety may be caused by a dread of the unknown or by uncertainty. When someone is anxious, they may feel like they have no control over their situation. A sustainable beauty routine may provide structure, order, and control.

Beauty rituals may also be seen as a type of mindfulness training. They promote emotions of productivity by urging you to take each day one step at a time, particularly if you’re caught in a vicious cycle of self-doubt, negative thoughts, compulsive activity, or overthinking.

You’re Worth It

Self-care is an essential practice that we often overlook. Each time you do it, it restores your energy and calms your hyperactive or nervous mind. Your nighttime routine becomes even more vital if you’ve had a difficult day. Applying moisturizers or cleansing your skin allows you to be in the moment and get in touch with yourself.

Once you’re done with your skincare regimen, dim your lights, light a scented candle, and take the time to appreciate yourself. Avoid stressful thoughts and just focus on yourself.


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