Atiloka Sundari’s daughter was greeted with creepy dresses …


Janvi Kapoor, the daughter of the then beauty star Atiloka Sridevi, looked the most beautiful of all at Lakme Fashion Week. This Bollywood beauty kiss scarecrow is also very active on social media. The first film was a super hit with Dhadak.

However, no matter how many negative comments are often made on social media about her dresses, none of them are ignored. The latest is Lakme Fashion Week 2020 wearing impressive outfits.

The saleswoman, who always wears dresses that make her look more exposed, this time wore dresses that are a bit more formal.

But first came the single on this ramp. After the couple reunited, rumors started circulating about their relationship. But if you want to know who is the hero who came with her, you have to watch this story …

Lakme Fashion 2020: Rakul on the ramp … Sunny Leone .. Aditi Roy … Fashion frenzy .. Lakme fashion uproar in Mumbai. On this stage, all the Bollywood beauty queens were walking around in a daze and the youth seemed to have gone mad. With all the Bollywood celebrities appearing at this Lakme Fashion Week this season, everyone’s eyes are right there.

Shiny Janvi .. Looking at the dress worn by Janvi Kapoor in the year of Lakme Fashion 2020, Achcham shines like a star who came down from Divi. She seemed to stare at all the guys as she walked down the ramp. She looked prettier than everyone else and captivated the audience.

Janvi as a couple ..

Janvi Kapoor got her first single at the inaugural show of Reliance Trends. But then Vicky made a fuss on the ramp with Kaushal. Something is going on between the two .. Although there are already many rumors .. Bhama does not care about them at all.

With a colorful dress ..

Janvi Kapoor looked gorgeous in a colorful floral dress this Lakme Fashion Week. Vicky Kaushal on the other hand also looked stunning in a long kurta and coat.

Like a romantic queen ..

Janvi Kapoor looked very beautiful in the colorful gown she was wearing. This is a sleeveless gown. It has embroidery, coriander flowers and beautiful stones. To match this dress, this beauty bhama with pointed eyebrows, coheled eyes and pink lips shone like a nymph in heaven.

Vicky matching dress ..

The Vicky Kaushal dress that accompanied Janvi Kapoor at Lakme Fashion Week 2020 was also impressive. The hero was spotted on the ramp with a matching dress as well as black shoes. No matter how many couples come to this Lakme Fashion Week right now .. these two have become a hot topic.

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