Lakme Fashion 2020: Rakul on the ramp … Sunny Leone .. Aditi Roy …


On the one hand, a swan walk on the Sunny Leone ramp … On the other hand, long-legged beauties Rakul Preet Singh and Aditi Roy roared on the ramp. At Lakme Fashion Week, the tribe impressed everyone with their latest fashion dresses and trending style. These outfits worn by all of them would suit college ladies well.

Because nowadays most girls expect the dresses they wear to look fashionable as well as very comfortable. At the same time the tribe is trying to make their mark also look unique in the dressing style. So instead of regular outfits for all the girls who love fashion, try Rakul, Sunny and Aditi Roy fashions …. you look special in all of them .. look more attractive … take a look at these photos to know what kind of dresses they have chosen so far …

Sunny is so sexy …

Sunny Leone’s beauty has not diminished with age. Looks more and more beautiful day by day over and over. Trains rushed into the heart of the Sunny guys who already looked hot. The latest Lakme fashion also looks the newest in a new dress on the ramp.

‘Cool’ dress ..

Rakul Preet Singh also roared on the ramp on par with Sunny Leone. With a black and white dress … walking like a swan impressed everyone so much. Wearing a matching tie and shoe to those dresses. He also took great care to make his face look bright. In a black and white dress, his face shone like a moon. His lips added to his face glow.

Aditi Roy ..

Another heroine Aditi Roy also tried to look the most beautiful of all at Lakme Fashion Week 2020. This Bollywood beauty bhama has been walking lavishly on the ramp wearing a blue and black dress. She wore a black shoe to match the dress.

Jeans and T-shirt

Recently it has become very common for college girls to wear jeans pants or t-shirts. That’s why Sunny Leone entertained everyone with a new type of t-shirt. However, he did not wear jeans. She took care of her buttocks to look beautiful. However, she also wore a matching shoe to the t-shirt and entertained once again. If you look at Sunny you will understand how trendy it looks if you wear this dress.

Classy combination ..

Rakul Preet Singh also competed on the ramp with a nice classy combination dress to compete with Sunny Leone. If you also wear an attractive dress like Rakul Preet Singh then your look is complete … If you look at this Rakul dress it is said to be true.

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