A well-chosen necklace can add interest to a woman’s clothing and flatter her face and neck. Necklaces are often conversation pieces and can help wearers stand out in crowds. Adding an elegant necklace can alter an outfit’s entire feel and give it a more polished look. While some necklaces are classics that never go out of vogue, there are definitely necklace trends. These “of-the-moment” styles are typically seen first on the world’s most fashionable and chic women. Shoppers who want to get the look can choose from dozens of trendy styles; there are eight that trendsetters consider must-haves.

1. Chains Are Always a Must

The chain necklace is very in, but then, was it really ever out? For years, fashionable women have enhanced their looks with chains of every length, made from all metal types. In 2020, runway shows featured chunky chains, sometimes worn with longer, more delicate necklaces or styled as neck-flattering chokers. This “now” look is actually a throwback to the 80’s big-chain look.

One feature that makes chains so popular is that jewelers sell styles for every budget. For example, online shoppers who want to look at necklaces that fit their budgets can find internet jewelers who offer affordable chains ranging from casual paperclip styles to delicate butterfly necklaces. Chains also appeal to buyers because they are suitable for all ages and can be adapted for nearly any occasion.

2. Charms Have Become the In Thing

According to Elle fashion experts, the charm necklace is one of the fashion world’s hottest accessories. Much like charm bracelets, necklaces can be configured with meaningful amulets and figures. Jewelers offer necklaces made with various metals and chain types. The style is beautiful worn alone and looks wonderful with chains of various lengths.

Charm necklaces have a nostalgic appeal reminiscent of youthful fun fashions. It is easy to change the playful pieces to suit any occasion or mood, just by adding or subtracting charms. Some women wear them to symbolize causes they believe in or as cheerful, eye-catching talismans. Whatever the reason for choosing the style, wearing charms around the neck is sure to be a conversation starter.

3. Shell Necklaces Are Trending

For the last few seasons, seashells have made their way onto fashion runways—a quirky trend that well-dressed women have embraced. The style is as popular as ever in 2020.

Vogue fashion writers report that designers now offer mini shell anklets, colored money cowry, and trophy beach necklaces. Some current pieces feature oversized shells formed into conversation-stopping chokers or giant, hard-to-miss shell pendants.

4. Tennis Necklaces Add Elegance

Fashionable women are also wearing elegant, sophisticated tennis necklaces that provide the same simple beauty women love in tennis bracelets. Sometimes known as eternity necklaces, diamond tennis necklaces are complete, unbroken strands of diamonds designed to circle the neck. Most are fairly short and in the 16” to 20” length range but are available in varying lengths

They can vary widely in price, depending on the stones and styling. However, quality jewelers sell lovely versions that will not break the bank. Many women are happy to invest in high-end versions because tennis necklaces add such sparkle and glamour to their style and look wonderful with formal wear.

5. Everyone Needs a Chunky Gold Necklace

Chunky gold necklaces have been seen everywhere in 2020, and with good reason. They are incredibly versatile and look just as good with jeans as they do with professional wear. Chunky necklaces can be paired with other, daintier styles to create custom looks.

In addition to their adaptability and great looks, chunky gold necklaces are sold in every price range. Yes, designers offer versions that cost as much as a mid-sized car, but a girl on a budget can find a reasonable facsimile for under $50. That makes it easy to afford several, in different lengths.

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6. Modern Pearls Are So Now

Although pearl necklaces are often associated with conventional, old-fashioned, subdued dressing, modern designers offer edgier versions that have put pearls back in the spotlight. Not your grandmother’s jewelry, these hip offerings are often combined with other stones and include unique styling. Some designers use pearls as pendants that dangle from eye-catching chains. Necklaces made with pearls of different colors are also very trendy.

Designers offer minimalist styles for women who enjoy pearls but want a subtle look. One example is a flat pearl pendant in a silver bezel and suspended on a simple sterling chain. Shoppers can find chic pearl crosses and pearl and gem chains. One edgy look includes ropes of pearls gathered into a silver clasp in the shape of a wild animal.

7. Medallions Are Perennial Favorites

The bold, heavy medallion necklaces that have been so hot for the last few years are still happening in the fashion world. However, modern fashionistas have put their own spin on the look by layering several medallion necklaces.

For instance, the cool girls create a fierce look by combining coin, charm, and amulet chains of varying lengths. Some stick with gold, while others choose silver. Many women rotate stones in place of medallions to make a personal statement and add variety.

8. Fashion Has Gone Over to the Wild Side

Recently some designers unleashed their inner animals and created collections featuring stylized versions of every imaginable creature. In addition to snake rings, cat earrings, and rings featuring jeweled birds, the trend includes medallion necklaces featuring lions, snakes, and elephants.

Adding animal figures to charms is very big at the moment. Some women opt for charms emblazoned with exotic species like flamingos, koalas, or giraffes, while others choose dog, cat, or bird figures that celebrate their pets. The trend is fun, allows unlimited creativity, and it is affordable. Virtually every jeweler now sells pieces featuring animals, and they offer styles in a broad range of prices.

Necklaces are popular because they can give clothing an entirely different look, flatter the skin, and become conversation pieces. Today’s most fashionable necklace styles include classic chains and chunky gold chains. Chic women are wearing modern versions of traditional pearls as well as elegant tennis necklaces. Medallion and charm necklaces are huge favorites, and some of the world’s best-dressed women wear animal-inspired pieces.

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