5 Best Sneaker Websites to Buy Your Kicks in 2020


Owning a pair of Jordans is like royalty or a luxury, it is a once in a blue moon opportunity for many. You pay for a Jordan but get a knock off, that is so cruel, and surely you wouldn’t want that to happen.

And also if any shops near you don’t sell any good sneakers, you tend to go online and buy. But what if you are not getting a genuine product, like on online you can’t exactly check except for the size maybe, that too goes wrong so many times. Many times you might have seen your friends going on about the good deal they got on the sneakers, while you are surfing the whole online platform for getting a good quality and genuine pair. With the sheer size of the online platform it won’t be difficult to get your sneaker’s size wrong or even get you a fake one. So it’s better to buy your auspicious sneakers from some genuines sites online.

Five of the websites, genuine ones with good deals, on your favorite pair of sneakers are detailed below:

5 Best Sneaker Websites to Buy Your Kicks in 2020

1. Ssense:

The Physical Location of this website is in Montreal, Canada. This is one of the best online sneaker store website mainly deals with the independent, luxury and streetwear products. While most of the merchants may deal with a certain type or style of footwear, Ssense offers different brands and profiles.

Whether you are looking for PUMA, Balenciaga, Clark Originals or Fear of God, you would definitely find something of theirs here.

The main eye catcher is their sales section, which comes around a lot of times in a year. So just sign up for their email notification and always get the best deals.

2. Bodega:

The Physical Location of this website is in Boston, USA. The best way of getting the newest collection at Bodega’s sale is one’s timing. Although you might find some good deals while shopping through the current discounts and offers, their shop’s topper is the time when the store offers seventy percent off semi-annual sales and when the discount coupons start pouring out.

3. Mr Porter

The Physical Location of this website is in London, UK. It is often described as the first luxury men’s wear online with a global reach. It claims to sell more than 450 international brands with their shipping facility available in more than 170 countries( not to forget the same day delivery facility in London and New York)

Just like Ssense, MR PORTER also specialises in high-end clothing and footwear brands, but the number of options are more in MR PORTER than Ssense. Brands like Brunello, Balenciaga, Gucci, Adidas, Nike etc. are easily available here.

What sets it apart from other sneakers websites is it’s customer services, which they take a lot of pride for and they provide the perfect shopping experience even when you are returning the product.

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4. End

The Physical Location of this website is in UK. END is one of the most famous sneaker website. What’s great about END is that they have a wide spectrum of collections of sneakers and you are bound to find something worthwhile in their discounted section too. Moreover, they are known for lowering their prices lower quicker than others, so it’s better to check here first. The retailer has footwear brands ranging from Balenciaga Triple S to the Common Project Chelsea Boots along with Adidas and Nike.

5. Rooted

The Physical Location of this website is in Nashville, Tennessee. It is a newcomer in comparison to others, but it is also one of the best to go for while buying a sneaker, when you are looking for variety. It’s sale selection ranges from Kiko Kostadinov Asics collab to Adidas Consortium.

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