Winter has its charm and beauty, but the skin’s adverse effects are known to those who through severe unconscious reactions. You can enjoy warm soup or coffee the other way, and the cold wind can raid the moisture from your skin and create cracks and other conditions like dryness, eczema, or psoriasis. To avoid such discomfort, it is essential to take outstanding care of your skin. This section will discuss the basics of keeping your skin dry and healthy throughout the winters.

1. Use lukewarm water

During a harsh and cold climate, people love to take hot water baths or even wash their faces with hot water. People prefer burning water for washing in winters. But little do they know that warm water tends to rob moisture from the skin and create severe dryness and eczema. And these two conditions are very problematic. Therefore use lukewarm water for washing face and for taking a bath. And immediately after using Luke, warm water puts moisture on your body and face with ceramides and hyaluronic acid. These two components create a bridge for the humidity and exempt it from eroding.

2. Keep skin hydrated

Even if you are inside your home, drink lots of water and keep your skin hydrated because cold particles are present in the air that mugs the moisture from the skin, leaving it dry and scaly. This will create unusual discomfort and will make your winters miserable. Therefore drink a sufficient amount of water, approximately eight glasses per day, and keep a humidifier at home for moisture control.

3. Choose skincare products carefully and wisely.

The products or skincare line you prefer to use in summers may or may not suit your skin during the winters. During cold climatic conditions, use skincare products that go well with your skin and are mild enough. Use lotions and cleansers with a considerable quantity of moisturizer in them, so natural moistness in the skin stays intact for the winters. Also, avoid the use of masks or peels of any sort. For dehydrated skin, use brand quality hydration serums and always avoird products that contain alcohol in them.

4. Protect you skin

Despite all the skincare products, the most natural way of protecting skin from the snowstorm of cold air is to provide care and protection. Use gloves and caps before you decide to head out in the winters. The sun rays may seem warm for the body temperature, but these UV sun rays are quite dangerous. So, please make use of a sunscreen that contains titanium dioxide or zinc in it. It is by far the most authentic sunscreen lotion for help, particularly in the winter season.

5. Don’t peel or exfoliate your skin a lot.

Shedding the skin is a good sign of healthy skin, especially during the summers. But as the weather changes and winters are welcomed, every reasonable with your skin and its exfoliation. This process of exfoliation tends to remove dead cells and improves the pathway of skin regeneration. But in winters, exfoliation might not be that useful and may create dry patches over the skin. For dry skin, exfoliation must be done every month, like twice a month or so. But for oily skin, do it once a week.

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6. Take care of your hands as well.

We take outstanding care of our facial skin, and we often forget about our hands. The skincare regime we apply on our faces must be followed on our hands as well. Whether oily or dry overall, our skin has fewer oil glands on our hands, and these during cold conditions and due to continuous washing of hands get dry and hard. Therefore apply a significant amount of moisturizer, especially the one containing hyaluronic acid. The moisture will keep a healthy soft-touch balance between our facial skin and our hands.

7. Care for the feet is equally important and essential.

The skin of the foot also gets extremely dry and crackly. We take excellent care of our skin and its texture, and we often forget about our hands and feet. Use glycerin-based products or petroleum for nightwear on your feet. And apply these before sleeping and put your socks on. So, they don’t get stuck to the bedsheets. Second, exfoliate your feet with a fair scrubber twice or thrice a week because the feet’ skin often gets a little too dry or crack appears.

8. Do not wear wet clothes for long.

During winters, making the snowman is fun and the most enjoyable part. People play with snow for long hours, and in the process, their clothes get wet and all dirty. Once you are done playing with snow, promptly remove the wet clothes as these will cause redness and itchiness all over the body, and folks whose skin is pretty dry need to take excellent care of their skin. Therefore keep good care and check on your skin involving hands and feet too.

9. Remove whatever causes itchy skin.

During winters or even during summers, specific stuff or skin products cause discomforts like eczema, itching, or dry patches. People who love wool are often pretty allergic to it, and wool stuff causes redness and itching all over the body. To avoid this condition and enjoy the touch of wool, the high-grade, and high-quality wool from good stores. The same goes for the products. Let’s see, if glycerin doesn’t suit your skin, replace it with another alternative. It means your skin will remain healthy and will pose no such discomfort to the skin.

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