Your Ultimate Guide to Buy Marquise Cut Diamonds


The novel state of a marquise cut jewel settles on it a staggering decision for your ring. Known by various names, including football-formed jewel, boat-molded precious stone cut or navette the marquise jewel cut is a wonderful vintage plan that stands apart on your finger.

While not exactly as renowned as the round cut or princess cut precious stones, the interesting marquise configuration is an explanation that is for the non-customary couple and ought not be neglected. Truth be told, this is an extremely fascinating precious stone cut.

One of the fundamental advantages of the marquise cut precious stone is that it expands the carat weight and causes the jewel to show up a lot bigger than it really is. Having 56 aspects, marquise is a circular molded plan that is pointed on one or the flip side.

The plan and presence of the marquise cut precious stone can fluctuate contingent upon the length to width proportion. Choosing how tight or wide you need your marquise slice jewel to be relies totally upon your own inclination.

In any case, observing one to be that looks brilliant can require some work. Here are a few hints to purchase marquise cut precious stones.

Bow-Tie Effect

When there is an obscured region present that stumbles into the focal point of the jewel looking like a tie, it is called tie impact. All extravagant lengthened precious stone cuts, similar to the marquise, pear and oval shapes, are helpless to having a tie impact.

A necktie impact is fundamentally because of the misaligment of the features, which causes the light moving out of the structure rather than being reflected from the surface. Because of the shortfall of light reflection, there is presence of dull region. The haziness doesn’t imply that the precious stone needs clearness or that the jewel tone is dim.

The necktie impact can be extremely light so you likely don’t have to stress over it. Assuming, nonetheless, the necktie is the absolute first interesting point and it catches your eye when you check out the jewel, then, at that point, it is consistently a smart thought to purchase another stone.

Avoid Chipping

Because of the interesting state of the marquise precious stone cut, its sharp closures can be in hazard of chipping. Hence, you really want to pick a ring setting that will ensure your jewel cut. A setting that has prongs with a V-end will be your ideal decision in guaranteeing the extraordinary assurance for your jewel.

Continuously recall, it is one of the main parts of a marquise cut jewel is the nature of its sharp closures.

Radiance settings likewise give excpetional assurance to your marquise cut precious stone, as the tips are encircled by the jewel corona. This special setting additionally adds an outstanding try to please ring and improves the allure factor.


Balance is very significant in a marquise cut precious stone. The two finishes should have ideal arrangement with one another while the left and right sides should reflect each other intently. In case there is any imperfection present in the balance, but minor, it will doubtlessly influence the entire harmony of the precious stone and the last setting of the ring won’t have the ideal adjusted look. When chooisng your marquise cut jewel, guarantee that the evenness is in the great or excellent reach for the best appearance.


Picking your precious stone’s tone is regularly founded on individual inclination. The D-F (dismal) precious stones are the most well known decision. Because of the laws of market interest, D-F shading grades are the priciest as customers are ready to address a greater expense for them.

In any case, the distinction between the grades are frequently irrelevant and can scarcely be seen by the unaided eye. Since bigger marquise cut jewels can seem more obscure at the focuses, you can pick a lower shading grade and still have an exquisite dreary stone.

If your ring metal is yellow hued or rose gold, you can pick a jewel with warm tones as this won’t be entirely perceptible close to the metal. This is a magnificent way of saving money on the cost of your jewel cut, as the further down the shading scale you go, the more the cost of the stone drops.


When picking the clearness grade of your marquise cut precious stone, the main thing to consider is whether or not the incorporations are apparent. In the event that the considerations are undetectable to the unaided eye, the grade isn’t profoundly basic. Nobody will be the more astute and you will save money on the cost of your stone. Nonetheless, there is a proviso to this with regards to marquise molded jewels. All things considered, considerations can be situated at the two end points of the precious stone, which can debilitate these focuses and undermine their respectability.

This is on the grounds that these focuses were the nearest to the external edge of the whole precious stone and the probability of there being blemishes are high. The focuses will in all probability be covered and secured by the V-molded prongs which will deliver any incorporations situated there imperceptible and bear the cost of additional assurance to the stone.

Final Thoughts

Those searching for a remarkable wedding band configuration ought to consider the marquise cut jewel. Dissimilar to the round and pad shape, which you continually find in wedding bands, a marquise jewel ring blows some people’s minds basically on the grounds that the middle stone’s shape is remarkable. Unmistakable marquise cut precious stone is an extraordinary decision for the individuals who need something other than what’s expected.

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