8 earring styles that every woman should have in her jewelry collection


Is your outfit ever really complete without the perfect pair of earrings? Of course not! When it comes to earrings, there are so many different styles. It’s good to have a well-rounded collection of earrings. Here are some of the styles that you need to add to your collection this year.

Hoop earrings

Whether you choose a chunky hoop or a sleek hoop, hoop earrings are totally versatile. They come in different sizes and styles and are a great way to show off your personality! Hoop earrings are bold and look beautiful when shown off with an updo hairstyle. 

Four-prong earrings

Four-prong earrings are truly a classic style. Often, they are the earrings that come to mind when thinking of diamond stud earrings. Four-prong earrings are designed for beauty but also for peace of mind. These earrings are designed so if something were to happen to one of the prongs, the stone would remain in place. Everyone should have a pair of these timeless earrings!

Star earrings

This fashion-forward style is sure to add some individuality to your outfit. Star earrings are fun and flirty. Whether you’re out to brunch with the girls or going to a concert, this style can go with many looks.

Halo earrings

Trending then, now and forever, halo earrings are timeless. With a large center stone and accent stones surrounding it, this style gets its name from its design. Halo earrings are regal, alluring and elegant – a must-have!

Half-moon earrings

Half-moon earrings are style-forward yet elegant. The geometric shape is unique and adds some flare to your outfit. They are also easy to transition from a daytime look to an evening look!

Drop earrings

Drop earrings are an everlasting look, which simply never go out of style. You don’t need to wait for only special occasions to wear this style either; drop earrings look good with casual outfits as well!

Flower earrings

Repeat after me, “flower jewelry is not just for children.” The right flower earrings can really make an outfit. Flower earrings come in a huge variety of flower type, material and style. Plus, they’re the perfect earrings to wear during the spring and summer months!

Martini earrings

Martini earrings are just like they sound – shaped like a martini glass. This minimalist design is constructed so the diamond sits perfectly flush to the setting and close to your ear. If you don’t already have a pair of martini earrings, now is your chance to change that!

There are many different styles of earrings. Whether you tend to gravitate towards classic styles or trendy styles, every woman should have a well-rounded collection! With styles like these, you’ll have options for any occasion. Nowadays, we see many jewelers offering their earrings with lab-grown diamonds. This is a great way to get better quality diamonds at a more affordable price. Shop lab-created diamond earrings from Stefano Navi here.

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