Why Is The Bounce So Good on Rectangular Trampolines?


When shopping for your new trampoline, one of the most important considerations is making sure you can get the best bounce! But what shape of trampoline creates the best jumps, and why are rectangular trampolines tipped as better than round ones? Rectangular Trampolines UK explains in the article below why the bounce is so much better on rectangular trampolines.

Before choosing your trampoline shape, it is a good idea to consider what actually makes a good bounce? Firstly, you need enough space to achieve some good bouncing height, along with a strong material to support you as you bounce. Strong springs are also a must to withstand the resistance created during bouncing, and a large surface area is ideal in order to stop you being drawn back towards the middle, which can reduce the elevation of your bounce too.

Surface Area

Unlike round shaped trampolines, rectangular trampolines provide a bigger surface area which is consistent in shape all the way around. An oval or round trampoline will always pull you back towards the middle, due to the central pull of gravity and its shrinking shape. However, as a rectangular trampoline is the same size all the way around, it offers equal rebound resistance across the whole of its surface.


Along with helping you to achieve added height to your bounce, rectangular trampolines can also improve the power of your bounce too. This is because rectangular springs work independently of one another, in contrast to round trampolines, which means that all your bounces can be propelled higher with greater power as the springs are not under so much stress. So if you are after a trampoline that offers a superior bounce, then a rectangular trampoline is the clear winner in this instance.

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In order to create some good velocity to your bounces, it can be a fun idea to have several children all bouncing on a trampoline together. Rectangular trampolines are able to support a much greater weight capacity than round trampolines, which buckle under too much weight, as all their springs are pulled together at once. Having more users on the trampoline at once can lead to bigger bounces and more fun too.


As well as being undeniably the better choice for bigger bounces, rectangular trampolines have a variety of other positives too over their round counterparts. A rectangular trampoline can fit more easily into your garden or outdoor space, unlike round trampolines which take up a lot of excess room around their circumference. This can also make round trampolines harder to store during the winter months when they may not be in use, as they take up more space.


Most rectangular trampolines now come with a fitted self-closing safety net, which allows for easy access onto the trampoline as well as safer bouncing too. As rectangular trampolines require more supportive frames, due to their shape and structure, this also means you can be confident that your rectangular trampoline is safe and secure.

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