9 Beautiful And Modern Mehndi Designs With Stone Studs


Stone studded mehndi plans are famous now on account of the most recent pattern in the style world. Young ladies or ladies like to attempt this sort of stone studded mehndi for any wedding or service occasion. In the assortment of cosmetics for ladies, the mehndi is the one that assumes a major part, ladies can’t feel that they complete their cosmetics without mehndi. The hued stones that can be utilized in the plan make it a superb change from the old plain plans.

Latest and Attractive Stone Studded Mehndi Designs with Pictures:

Let’s see the 9 best mehndi designs with stones.

1. Full Arm Stone Studded Design:

Probably the most recent style in mehndi plans is stone studded mehndi plans on the arm. This makes the arm look truly delightful and exquisite. The stones utilized here differ from little to enormous in size. This takes somewhat longer to plan, yet it looks exceptionally beautiful on the lady on her big day. Likewise attempt jewel formed stones.

2. Design with stone studs by hand:

Here is one more acceptable choice to attempt. The basic mehndi configuration is made with the utilization of stones. The rosebud configuration has minimal red stones that are stuck together to make it look pretty. Catch the consideration of watchers at gatherings or services.

3. Side Arm Mehndi Designs:

Attempt this exquisite fragile mehndi plan where the picture is done distinctly on the arm to the fingertip. This looks exceptionally lovely and sensitive. The stones add a dash of style to the plan. Those young ladies who love to ride their bicycle, then, at that point, this mehndi will be yours, it will stand out while riding a bicycle.

4. Mehndi stone design for feet:

Make your feet look excellent and great with these stone mehndi plans. You will find many examples that are straightforward and bright. The plans join stones that can be white, blue or red.

5. Mehndi stone design for the back:

Here is a cool way to grandstand mehndi plans with stones. The back is canvassed in a mehndi plan which is subsequently made more alluring by adding little shaded stones. Attempt this plan for your next event and you will arrange the party.

6. Glitter and stone designs:

Sparkle and stones is the subsequent stage in mehndi plans that look very cool. The sparkle shading that is typically utilized is as per the shade of the outfit that the individual will wear. Then, at that point, you have choices like red, blue and green that can be supplemented with stones.

7. Mehndi finger designs:

Stunning stone finger mehndi plans are made eye-getting with the assistance of small shimmering stones. The plans are applied to the fingers and the nails can be finished with shaded stones. Attempt this recent trend and watch heads turn.

8. Bridal Stone Studded Mehndi:

A lady of the hour is the main individual and necessities to dress in like manner. So attempt these cool wedding mehndi plans that are studded with stones. The plans have numerous mind boggling subtleties and the shades of the stones match the outfit that will be worn on the enormous day.

9. White Mehndi Designs with Stone:

A new pattern in mehndi configuration is the white hued mehndi plan. The plans are similarly pretty much as fragile and unpredictable as the other mehndi plans. You can utilize white stones to emphasize the plan or you can get hued stones to coordinate with it.

These plans should be possible on an individual’s arms, palms, legs, and even fingers. Go striking with back mehndi plans that are additionally studded with stones.

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