10 best photos of Jacqueline Fernandez without makeup


One of the most mind-blowing known and most excellent entertainers in the realm of Indian film is Ayesha Takia. She made her presentation in well known music recordings and was before long tracked down acting in different motion pictures. This entertainer is exceptionally normal, delightful and exquisite. She is truly agreeable and sure and dares to go out without wearing cosmetics. She comprehends the significance of her excellence and doesn’t rely upon beauty care products or various items to look great. Here are a few photos of her without cosmetics.

Jacqueline Fernandez without makeup:

1. Caught in an event without makeup:

Here we see the amazing and adorable picture of Ayesha in orange. It looks straightforward, loose yet extremely rich. The shading suits her and the voluminous hair adds to her appeal. The stance she’s remaining in is additionally very enchanting. In general, she is by all accounts working really hard without cosmetics.

2. While practicing the dance:

Here we find the lovely Ayesha Takia wearing hot pink. The scarf is likewise very amazing. It supplements your look and gives you a cutting edge and stylish look. The skin surface is very clear, smooth and astonishing. She totally resembles a holy messenger.

3. Work on The Laptop:

This is a still from one of Ayesha’s motion pictures. Here we perceive how straightforward however delightful it looks. Her elements are wonderful and she resembles an Indian princess. Her plush hair gives her a tasteful, ​​nice and noteworthy look.

4. Fashionable:

At times it is difficult to envision superstars without cosmetics. The majority of them scarcely depart their homes without it, however you will in any case observe some to be cheeky ladies who have no issue clicking a few pictures of themselves without cosmetics. Ayesha Takia is one of them. Her unassuming, perfect and flawless appearance makes her look so rich, inconspicuous, and lovely. She is genuinely a characteristic delight!

5. Jacqueline with Shah Rukh Khan at the airport:

Certain individuals have the confusion that to look great, they need to apply huge loads of cosmetics. This assertion isn’t correct in any way. To look great, you don’t have to sit around idly putting on beauty care products, you want to grin; you must be a glad and positive individual. There are a few ladies in this world who do likewise and consequently look excellent constantly. One of them is Ayesha Takia. Her dazzling elements and carefree nature make her astonishing without cosmetics.

6. In an event:

Ayesha Takia is honored with incredible skin. She looks so beautiful regardless in case she is wearing cosmetics or not. Her basic nature, extraordinary hair, style and character total her personality and make her look stunning.

7. At the airport:

Who says a VIP can’t resemble a fashionista without cosmetics? Entertainers like Ayesha Takia truly realize how to upgrade their looks with beautiful, fashioner outfits … best of all, she scarcely wears cosmetics and still figures out how to look flat out amazing. Her demeanor, effortlessness, style, and certainty do ponders for her character.

8. Jacqueline with Madhuri Dixit in Sydney:

We have likewise caught a photograph of Ayesha sitting in her vehicle. She doesn’t have a trace of cosmetics on her skin, despite the fact that her appearance resembles a top and impressive superstar. Her grin truly draws out her highlights and makes her look extremely alluring by and large.

9. In the Indian look:

The entertainer taps on the Indian look. She wears a peach salwar with green and mauve join. She conveys a white pack in one hand and her wireless in the other. She wears a brilliant hoop in her ears and her hair is separated on one side and tied back like a horse.

10. At an occasion at Essel World:

The entertainer converses with individuals as though she were going to an occasion at Essel World. She looks truly popular with her sleeveless white pullover alongside her free palazzo pants alongside a polished belt. She has a dark wristwatch attached to one side and her hair is styled like a horse.

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