How to Make Money Selling Popcorn at an Outdoor Movie Event


Popcorns and movies go side by side. There are many snacks to munch through with your movie, but popcorns are the most common selling snack to go with films or events.

Some people have small machines at home to enjoy hot and fresh snacks, even at home.

There are different flavors in popcorns, such as selfish, natural, caramel butter, etc., Different people have other choices, and there are flavors for everyone.

Popcorn boxes are available in the market in numerous colors and sizes. These boxes are of cardboard material which is used worldwide for making such containers.

This material has a robust base to hold your product firmly. This material is convenient to use as you can mold it to any shape and design. You can easily customize it with numerous options.

How Popcorn Boxes are Convenient to Use:

These boxes have a firm and spacious base and can hold a lot of snacks in them.
Usually, these boxes do not have any closing lid on them, so accessing popcorns is a lot easier.
They can be an excellent factor to promote the movie as well as your brand and theatre. Usually, theatres print popcorn boxes with movies or theatres to promote and advertise their name and location.
Custom popcorn boxes highlight your brand and make your visibility prominent with unique and eye-catchy designs and colors.
These boxes are economical and usually fit in budget worldwide.
Since these boxes have a firm and spacious base, you can use them for other purposes like collecting funds or fill them up with sweets for kids’ parties or events.
Due to their vibrant colors and eye-catchy designs, you can use them at different events for presenting various food products or other items.
These boxes are of cardboard which is eco-friendly and recyclable. They are not harmful to the environment or surroundings.
You can use these boxes to print the upcoming movies for promotion and advertising purposes.
You can easily order these boxes online with your preferred color size and design. These boxes are easy to assemble at home.
Attractive designs and vibrant colors highlight their appearance, which makes them beautiful. Several potential customers get attracted by their appealing looks.
These boxes are printed with highly creative designs and energetic colors, and you can use them as a decorative piece at home on tables or kitchen counter when the snack or popcorns are finished.
You can use custom popcorn boxes to present something as a gift.

How can You Make Money by Selling Popcorn?

Everyone likes popcorn, and business people and theatre owners can have many benefits with this. There are many strategies by which you can make extra money just by selling popcorns.

Make sure you Place your Popcorn Machine in the Right Place.

Popcorn itself does not need any advertisement, but placing its machine in the right place doubles the customers’ temptation.

It will attract numerous customers by its fresh fragrance and popping sound.

By selecting the machine’s appropriate location, you will ensure that customers can see and smell its aroma clearly and thoroughly. No one can resist its fresh and fantastic taste and fragrance.

With the proper placement of the popcorn machine, you can have bright lighting in the stall or over to enhance its presence. Soft music and bright light will attract several customers.

Keep Your Machine/stall neat and Colorful.

Neat and organized things are attracted continuously and praised by everyone. If you keep your machine tidy, especially the popcorn popper, it will make the popcorn more attractive and desirable.

Make sure you clean the popcorn popper after every shift to have a continuous circle of sales. Keep your stall highlight with bright lights and vibrant colors. Make sure you serve hot popcorn to your customers as they like it hot and fresh.

Attractive Container.

Typically popcorns are served and packed in popcorn boxes and plastic bags. However, plastic bags are not a good option if you sell them at an event packed in a plastic bag; the freshness will not remain the same.

They will become soggy over time, and all the crunchiness will be disappeared. Attractive and spacious popcorn wholesale boxes are available to have them stacked in the store as they are available at better rates and offers.

Offer Combinations.

Movie night means that customers are coming and going. Offer different combinations to the customer with your popcorns. Varieties like sweets, hotdogs, nachos, etc., and cold beverages enhance popcorn’s taste and give your customers a choice in their taste.


Focus on what you are selling and how you are selling. The presentation means a lot when there is a crowd in front of you. Popcorn box packaging will represent your company to the public available at the event or a gathering, even at home or elsewhere.

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