Ways to wear your scraf this year are no longer restricted to being confined to winter fashions. One can choose from a huge variety of looks and feel good while still dressing up with a scarf around the neck. A scarf is always a classic accessory and one never goes out of style. The scarf can be accessorised in many different ways. Here are just five trendy ways to wear yours this season.

One of the trendiest ways to accessorise your scarf this season is to use it as the basis for a new hair colour. A popular choice for brunettes, the scarves can be pulled into a messy bun or a ponytail depending on how you like it. If you have long hair, then a simple side knot at the nape of your neck will do just the trick. If you have short hair, simply wrap it around one of your finger, and braid if you like.

For a more grown up style, tie the Ways to wear your Ways to wear your scraf into a bun at the nape of your neck. If you want to add volume to your hair, don’t be afraid to go for layers. Simply pull the top layer into the next one, until you have a completely full look. For a really dressed up look, add a few strands of hair. You could also use your scarf to create the illusion of curls.

A variation of the ponytail is the bun up. Start by pulling your hair up into a messy bun, then add a few strands of your favourite hair colour for extra glamour. This look works great for any length of hair. Place the scarf diagonally across your face to give your jawline some added oomph. Brush the side of your hair behind your ears with the other part of the scarf to give your look a sexy little twist.

Nothing says cozy like an up do. Simply slip your hair up into a sleek bun, secure with a ribbon, then pull your hair back into a neat bun when done. It can be worn with anything from a pair of jeans to a dress.

The pixie is another cute little style that you can wear to the office. Simply add a few strands of your hair either to an up do or to the office. You can use it to get the kids to stop asking your mom for more attention, or to create the illusion of having a full head of hair. No matter what look you are going for, it will make you look extremely put together.

Throw your scarf in with any outfit and it will look absolutely stunning. There are so many ways to wear these scarves. You can pull them off with a blazer, a jacket, or a pair of jeans. You can even wear a scarf over your shoulders when you get out the car in the cold weather.

Scarves can be used in so many different ways throughout the year. If you don’t like how your current accessories are working, just add a few scarf pieces around your neck this season. They will brighten up your look without needing much else. Scarves can make any outfit look a little more festive for the office or for a night on the town. Give yourself a little boost this winter season with scarves!

Scarves can also be worn over the body to keep you warm as well. The great thing about scarves is that they come in so many different styles. You can wear them over a t-shirt, over your shoulders, around the waist, or even over your hands. They can really pull the look together this winter if you have your whole wardrobe already together. A few pairs of cashmere scarves will do the trick.

There are so many options to choose from this season when it comes to scarves. This is perfect because scarves are usually inexpensive. This means that you can pick up several different styles and stick with just one for special occasions. If you want to buy a scarf, go with a monogrammed one that is one of your favorites. If you want to change things up a bit, go with a color that you are not used to at all. Just make sure that you pick one that will work for any occasion.

Ways to wear your scraf make great accessories to pull together a look. If you buy a few scarves you can change your look up a bit and make a unique statement this winter. Whether you pick a solid scarf or a monogrammed one, they are sure to be a hit this season. Take some time and find just the right scarf for your style and your budget.

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