How do I wear engagement rings and wedding rings?


Are you getting married, preparing a proposal, or just curious. It’s okay to know the small ring label. We get a lot of questions about which ring on which finger. Many people know that the ring goes to the ring finger. But which hand was that? And what happened to the cheap engagement rings after you got married? Of course, we will give you an answer to each question.

Why do we wear an engagement ring?

The tradition of wearing engagement rings goes back centuries. Many believe that the idea of the engagement ring came from the ancient Egyptians or Greeks. But we can’t prove it. What we do know is that at least the ancient Romans had given us engagement rings. In the second century BC, a man presented two engagement rings to his future wife. One gold ring that she was supposed to wore in public and the second ring was made of iron that she meant to wear during the household works or private life. The ring is a symbol of the “ownership” of women.

The importance of engagement rings

Over the years, the symbol of the ring representation changed. Instead of getting ready to be owned by a man, an engagement ring means preparing a promise to love each other unconditionally and live together. Later, the tradition of engagement rings’ was included in marriage applications. Who said everything was better in the past?

How to wear an engagement ring

The proposals or promises are still often accompanied by rings that symbolize plans for marriage and life together. Even though we are more liberated than we were several centuries ago, most women accept engagement rings. It is common in Western culture to wear it on the ring finger of her left hand.

Wait, I have an engagement ring on my right hand.

In many western countries (for example’ the Netherlands, Great Britain, and the United States), an engagement ring is usually worn on your left hand. However, there are exceptions. In many countries, people wear engagement rings on their right hand. The ancient Romans said that the law symbolizes all good in the world and leaves all evil behind. The Latin word for left is “sinister” So, yeah … with that in mind, wearing a ring on your right hand might make sense.

How to wear a wedding ring

After you’ve made an oath and said, “Yes,” it’s time to put on your wedding ring. Like an engagement ring, people usually wear wedding rings on the right-hand ring finger. Individuals who wear engagement rings on their left hand can place them on their right before the ceremony. Like an engagement ring, the hands-on wedding ring can vary between countries, cultures, and religions. Dutch Catholics wear a wedding ring on the left hand (and an engagement ring on the right) and Protestants on the right (and engagement rings on the left).

Engagement rings after marriage
After a wedding, there are three things a person can do with an engagement ring:
• Arrange the engagement ring on top of the wedding ring. Women often wear engagement and wedding rings on the ring finger of their left hand;
• Some choose to wear a wedding ring on the left hand and an engagement ring on the right hand. Or vice versa, of course.
• Some choose to stop wearing engagement rings.
These are the few recommendations for you to wear wedding and

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