Graphic tees

Graphic tees

Graphic tees are a great way to express yourself, and they have been for a while. Over time, some bold fashionistas have found ways to cleverly style their graphic tees. T-shirts with sayings, art, and statements are in style. Follow these tips put together by My Pride Apparel, a manufacturer of Black pride T-shirts, on how to style your favorite graphic tee. 

With Tailored Pants

Did you think graphic tees couldn’t be slim and flattering? Think again! Get more mileage out of your graphic tee easily by pairing it with your favorite tailored pants. Those pants already look great on you! Why not add your favorite graphic tee? Make sure to tuck it into the waistband and allow just a little bit of billow in the fabric.

Add any number of stylish accessories and let it speak for itself. It’s a flattering look that you’ll love!

Oversized with Tight Pants

A more casual look requires a larger t-shirt. Go for a shirt that doesn’t fit you perfectly. Make it extra large so that you have a lot of extra room. Pair it with tight pants – either those tight biking shorts you love to exercise in your favorite pair of leggings or another pair of second-skin pants! The contrast in the fit will make this look stand out! 

This is a casual look, so make sure to take all of your favorite casual touches with you – those big sunglasses you love, a messy bun, and those vans you haven’t found a reason to wear yet. Together, you can create an amazing look.

Tied at the Waist

Tying the long parts of your t-shirt up has been in fashion for a while now, but it never goes completely out. There are multiple tutorials online that can teach you how to tie your t-shirt up in a fancy bow or a beautiful knot, so give one of them a try. Pair your tied-up tee with your favorite grungy jeans or cutoffs

Pair this look with some sneakers, your favorite necklaces, and a slouchy bag for a classic look!

With a Business Casual Blazer

If you find that your tee is a bit too baggy and you don’t want to rock the tight pants look, you can try tucking it into some skinny jeans and rocking a slightly oversized blazer. Pairing these two together can sometimes be a risk (especially if you don’t match the colors up), but it can be an amazing look when you get it right. Pair with some low-profile heels and get ready to dress up that business casual look.

Casual Denim Jacket Styles

There’s nothing that can’t be made better by a denim jacket, and that includes your favorite graphic tee. If your tee is a little loose-fitting, this can be the perfect casual style for you. Choose a light-colored denim jacket that’s also a bit loose and hangs just right and drape it over your tucked-in t-shirt!

Together with a pair of your favorite killer heels (or heeled boots) and a few gold accessories, you can easily rock this casual look all day (and night) long! It’s just dressy enough to make you look great without being too much, and perfect for all of those graphic tees you want to get a little more mileage out of.


Once you crop your graphic tees, you can’t go back – keep that in mind before you try this style. If you’re a fan of cropped shirts, why not take your favorite graphic tee and crop it for a great look! Try this look with some high-waisted jeans, as well as a ton of layered jewelry that fits together well. Make sure you crop a t-shirt where you can still see the design once you crop it. Otherwise, find a way to tuck or tie it up without cutting it!


Your favorite graphic tee isn’t just casual wear. There are multiple different ways you can spice it up and put that graphic tee back into your clothing rotation once and for all. Change up different styles and options to make sure that you find the style that works perfectly for you. When all is said and done, accessories and layers make all the difference – use them liberally to create a perfect look with your favorite graphic tee!


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