Expert Tips on How to Make a Wedding Planning Timeline


Each year in America, approximately 2.1 million couples plan their big day. From the venue to the dress to the guest list, they work hard to nail down every detail.

If you’re getting ready for your own wedding, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. For a lot of couples, planning a wedding is the most extensive event planning ever experienced!

How do you create a wedding planning timeline that you can stick to and feel good about?

Read on to find out everything you need to know to put together you’re very own wedding planning timeline.

First Up on the Wedding Planning Timeline: The Venue

After the proposal, the first step is finding the perfect venue. Why should this come early? Without a venue, you can’t settle on a wedding date, determine the size of your wedding, or look for appropriate vendors.

Many couples start with a few ideal dates in mind and three to four venues they adore. From there, you’ll want to start making calls and finding out if each venue is available on any of your dates. The earlier you start this process–especially if you want to get married in spring or fall–the better, as things can get a bit competitive.

Making the Guest List and Preparing Save the Dates

Once you have your venue and date, you can start compiling your guest list. Every venue has a maximum capacity, so make sure you know how many people you’re allowed to invite.

Once you have your guest list put together (and pared-down, if need be), you can create your save the dates. If you’re planning on creating a wedding website, include the URL on your save the dates so guests can access all of the information they need. This typically includes the date, location, and time as well as your registry, your wedding party, and possibly even your menu.

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Hiring Your Vendors

Talk to your venue organizers about what they provide and what they don’t. See if they have a list of vendors they prefer or require you to choose from. Make sure you know about any rules they have in place about things like DJ licensing, alcohol, and more.

Then, start hiring your vendors. This includes your DJ or band, your caterers, and your wedding planner if you choose to hire one.

Aesthetic Details

Finally, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty! We’re talking color scheme, decor, floral arrangements, and attire.

The wedding gown and tuxedo should be your first priority when it comes to wedding attire. From there, pick out your bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen attire, and take a look at mother of the bride dresses. Remember, Mom should match the color scheme, too!

Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams Without a Hitch

Wedding planning is fun and exciting but without a wedding planning timeline, things can get a little hectic. Stay organized from start to finish and follow our suggested timeline to keep things running smoothly.

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