Design your Own Lab Grown Diamond Ring in Different Diamond Shapes


When it comes to choosing the right diamond engagement ring, it goes without saying that the cut of the center stone makes a huge difference. All diamond rings sparkle in their own unique manner and finding out the one that appeals the most to you is very important when you want to design your own lab grown diamond ring. So, first, you need to think and decide what factors are important to you while looking for a lab diamond ring. Do you like a modern style lab diamond ring or a traditional diamond ring? Are there any other shapes other than the round one which will give your personality a unique look?

You may have a lot of questions in terms of shapes. So, let Friendly Diamonds help you in choosing the perfect lab grown diamond for your special engagement ring. 


The round diamond is known to be one of the most traditional and popular diamond shapes for an engagement ring, holding its spot for years. Be it a solitaire setting, a three stone setting, or a vintage style, these round sparklers manage to create a trendy look. The round diamonds are for women who prefer classic above all.


Oval cut diamonds are unique and spectacular, brimming with fire and radiance. Ovals are known as one of the fancy forms because of their extended shape, which makes them appear larger than other shapes of the same carat weight. When it comes to engagement rings, ovals may be mounted in a variety of ways. You’ll have absolutely no issue finding great solitaire options with the oval diamond. People who want a ring with more impact can combine oval stones with multiple side stones.

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The pear-shaped diamond, sometimes known as a teardrop diamond, goes back to the 1400s. This specific shape, which is influenced by both the oval and the marquise, is a perfect choice for vintage-inspired women. The pear cut has a sharp tip, which is why these rings work best in a bezel or half-V setting because they are vulnerable to chipping.


The princess cut diamond is a recent addition to the diamond world. Princess cuts have a reputation for having flat edges, which contributes to their popularity. This makes it simpler to place side stones next to the central diamond. The princess cut is your go-to diamond if you want to give your ring a contemporary style while keeping the brilliance intact and staying within your budget. But on the other hand, these diamonds are prone to chipping on the edges or falling out, so make sure you select a secure setting.


The marquise cut, also known as the Navette cut, is known for its exquisite appearance. Its characteristic profile is defined by curved sides and pointed ends. Its long, slender shape gives the illusion of extra length but also elongates the finger when worn vertically. This diamond can be used in solitaire settings or in combination with a variety of fashioned accent stones. When compared to diamonds of various cuts, marquises appear to be exceptionally large for their true carat weight. When choosing a diamond engagement ring with a marquise center stone, go for a protective setting. Make sure the diamond’s inclined points are safeguarded, whether it’s with sturdy prongs, a halo, or a bezel setting.


I hope you found this blog helpful in creating your own unique diamond engagement ring. You can head to Friendly Diamonds and discover our lab diamonds along with tons of styles and settings.

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