Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from back pain, shoulder pain, or knee pain every year? Do you exercise regularly and find that your muscles ache uncomfortably for days after an intense workout? Do current events, your job, or the responsibilities of everyday life take their toll on your stress levels?

There may be a way to help you, and it may not be what you expect.

Deep tissue massage has many amazing benefits for people suffering from all sorts of body pain. Not only that, but it also has several mental health benefits as well.

If you experience body pain or mental discomfort, deep tissue massage may be the perfect solution for you.

Deep tissue massage is a method used by qualified massage therapists to reach and relieve the pain points located under the folds of our muscle tissue. By finding and applying pressure to the knots of tension and scar tissue that cause us discomfort, deep tissue massage can have numerous physical and psychological benefits.

Massage therapists use different parts of their body to administer a deep tissue massage. They may use their palms, fingertips, feet, elbows, and forearms to find the right amount of pressure for the client. Using these unconventional body parts help them reach difficult spots underneath layers of muscle.

Since this type of massage therapy is meant to be relaxing for the client, the amount of pressure applied depends on their comfort level. Some people like to feel slight pain, while others have a very low tolerance for it. Finding the right technique for you is the best way to experience the many benefits deep tissue massage offers.

Common Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

People use deep tissue massage to deal with specific problems that can hinder a painless existence. Some of the most common include:

1. Chronic Lower Back Pain

Millions of people across the globe complain of chronic lower back pain caused by a range of factors. Deep tissue massage can relieve this by working on the muscle tissue surrounding the spine and pelvis, addressing the root cause of the issue.

Not only that, but deep tissue massage can also improve posture, preventing future back pain that people may experience. People can use this massage method to avoid costly medical procedures and pain medicines that often adversely affect the body.

2. Injury Rehabilitation

It is unfortunately common that people get into accidents and seriously injure themselves. Doctors and physical therapists frequently recommend deep tissue massage to help the rehabilitation process.

When practiced together with physical therapy and prescription treatments, patients can increase the speed of their recovery. Deep tissue massage can help replenish the body’s resources that drain during the healing process.

3. Sports Preparation and Recovery

Sports massage is a type of deep tissue massage that deals explicitly with athletes. They risk their body’s health every day, and the benefits that a sports massage can provide are numerous.

Massage therapists will rub the muscles most at risk to loosen the tension to prevent the likelihood of an injury during a game. They will also massage the athlete after a match to help speed up muscle recovery to prepare them for their next event.

4. Osteoarthritis Pain

Sufferers of osteoarthritis will tell you that their daily life is no walk in the park. However, many people diagnosed with this condition use deep tissue massage to alleviate the pain caused by their joints.

Deep tissue massage releases endorphins, which help block the pain receptors in the brain. Massaging the muscles around painful joints helps relieve the pressure that causes the pain in the first place.

5. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension, is a serious condition that significantly increases the risk of death. Doctors are increasingly finding that deep tissue massage helps prevent hypertension.

One study shows that deep tissue massage decreases blood pressure in high-risk groups, along with a healthy diet and exercise. Taking as many preventative measures as possible is the best way to avoid the risks of hypertension.

6. Anxiety Disorders

Deep tissue massage has many benefits for people suffering from anxiety disorders. In one study, patients showed marked improvement in comparison to other government-approved treatment methods.

Not only does it relax patients, but it releases a chemical response in the brain that helps improve mood and confidence weeks into the future. While it isn’t a cure, deep tissue massage is a great way to supplement clinically diagnosed anxiety treatment.

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