A Gift Guide to Shopping for Your Man: 10 Trendy Picks

Gifts are an important part of any relationship, especially if your man’s love language is gift-giving and receiving. It’s not materialistic to want to give or receive gifts, if anything it’s a gesture filled with love. It’s the act of surprise, of paying attention to the needs of your partner and putting in the effort to make them happy. It is important to show your partner that you are thinking of them, it contributes to making your relationship healthier and happier. And what better way to show how much attention you pay to their likes and dislikes than getting them a gift.

Gifts will serve as reminders of your love for years after you’ve given them. You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on gifts to make your partner happy. It is truly the thought that matters. So, whether it’s their birthday, an anniversary, or any other normal day, get him a gift and watch their face light up when they see it. Keep reading our gift guide for every type of boyfriend.

1.    Gifts for a Tech-Savvy Man


Sometimes just words aren’t enough as you need a little something more that truly shows how you love your man. To know what to get your tech-savvy man just think back to your conversations to remember if there was something specific that he has been talking about, something he wants. Surprising your man with things he has discussed not only communicates that you are paying attention, but it is also a proven method to express your love.

You don’t have to get some fancy electronics to impress him, you can also get him something functional that he can use every day. Some trendy products are as follows: wireless charging pads, Bluetooth earphones, smartwatches, wireless pocket printers, and massagers.

2.    Trendy Accessories for a Stylish Man

If your man is interested in accessorizing then you know what to get him this Valentine’s Day. Jewelry is intended to show style, match clothes, and bring a person’s personality to the forefront. Pick attractive pieces that incorporate jewels, use geometric designs, and thin lines, and yet are simply wonderful accessories for men.

Men’s jewelry, whether belt buckles, wristbands, chains, or rings, are increasingly being used to combine a full outfit while also presenting some part of their personality to the public. If your guy is new to accessorizing, give him something subtle and minimalistic, like men’s jewelry or a wristwatch that looks excellent but doesn’t bring attention to itself.

3.    Gamer Gifts for Your Man

Finding gifts for your gamer man might be difficult. It is hard to imagine what game your favorite gamer might want if he has not clearly requested a certain game title. This is why giving games as gifts to a gamer is the worst idea so don’t do that. Rather, go for anything that will enhance their game experience, something gaming-related.

Now don’t get stressed out, we have a few trending gaming-related gift ideas that you can refer to. They are:

  • Wireless charging pad for mouse
  • Gaming keyboard
  • Mobile gaming clip
  • Computer glasses
  • Personalized gamer tag sign
  • Xbox game pass

4.    Gifts for Your Foodie Boyfriend

Choosing gifts for a foodie partner might be difficult. They’re always sniffing stuff, and their spice collection covers many racks. You can’t just hand them another apron. And it’s safe to presume they have every knife they’ll ever need in their lifetime. So, to make it easier to find a present for the fussy gourmet, we’ve got a few suggestions for you.

If he’s an aspiring cook then you can get him beautiful cooking equipment like an outdoor grill, air fryer, or cooking pot set. If not these then you can get him kitchen accessories like grilling tools, serve ware, graters set, etc.

5.    Grooming Kits & Accessories


In this day and age skincare and grooming is not just for women, men need to take care of themselves too. Grooming is not just about haircuts or taking a shower every day, but also about hygiene and skincare. If your man doesn’t understand skincare products then take matters into your own hands and gift him basic products.

Gifts like these show that you support him and that you want to take care of him too. You can get him kits for grooming and hygiene like wireless trimmers, beard care kits, bath, and body products, and face masks. This gift is not just beneficial for his personal life but for his professional one too.

6.    Get him Subscription Gifts

If you’re worried about last-minute buying for a special date, event, or occasion. If you’re stuck on ideas and running out of time, there are membership gifts to consider. If you’re looking for a last-minute present for a man who appears to have it all, we’ve got you something they’ll enjoy this month and far beyond.

The finest subscription boxes either offer a ready-made selection for the receiver and even allow them to customize their own package of delights based on their man’s likes and dislikes. And, once placed, most packages arrive on a weekly or monthly basis, making it an amazing option. One of the best parts about subscription gifts is the range of items available, such as skin products, chocolates, streaming services, music apps, sportswear, snacks, alcohol, cheeses, and so many more.

7.    Shop Clothes for Him 


If you’re unsure of what to get him as a gift then go with the classic idea of buying clothes for him. You’ve been around him and must know his style by now. You can choose to shop for fancy outdoor clothes, get him trendy pieces like a bomber jacket, graphic t-shirt (with his fav character), a pair of trousers, varsity jackets, a vest, etc.

If you don’t want to risk it with outdoor clothing then go for comfy clothes that he can wear in the house to relax into like pajama sets, onesies, matching couple pajamas, etc. If this idea appeals to you, just get online at Truly Pajamas where you can find a pair in every color, size, and design. While shopping for clothes for your man, remember to take a look at his closet to get an idea of his size and favorite color schemes.

8.    Gifts for a Fitness Enthusiast Man

After the pandemic and quarantines, a lot of people have been focusing more on their health. Show your support and love for your man as he’s working on making himself better. Get him fitness equipment or tools that’ll help him take care of his health. Some trendy picks here are sports watch like Fitbit, foam rollers, sports masks, protein powder, athleisure clothes, and sports shoes. If he’s into sports like golfing, you can get him golf equipment and accessories like golf hats, golf bags, and golf shoes.

If your man has been wanting to start working on his fitness routine then you can encourage him when you get him a gift. If you want, you can also ask him if he’d want to work out together.

9.    Go for a Sentimental DIY Gift


A good gift doesn’t have to cost you money, it just needs to be thoughtful. If you don’t want to buy him something then make something for him yourself. DIY is not just for kids anymore so you can always go for that. Handmade gifts have more sentimental value to them as they have a personal touch behind them.

You can choose to make him a personal gift, something that shows how you feel like writing him love letters, making a scrapbook full of your memories, or a personalized playlist. This type of gift is perfect for occasions like Valentine’s Day or your anniversary.

 10. Gift Him an Experience

You don’t have to get him a thing, you can also gift him an experience where you can make new, fun memories together. A happy day is also a great gift. You can take him to an amusement park, Go-Karting, Wine Tasting, Paint Balling, Laser Tag, or for a weekend getaway.