Hearing that you or your loved ones might need a heart surgery might be hard news, even if
you know that successful heart surgeries are prevalent. It is essential to choose the right
surgeon that works for you, someone who you can trust, right from the planning stage to
the actual surgery and who is part of one of the best heart surgery hospitals in India. Here
are a few essential things to keep in mind.
1. Seek Referrals
Begin your research by asking your primary care physician, cardiologist or even
friends and family for referrals. List them down and arrange for appointments with
2. Check Out Their Credentials
You need to ensure that your cardiac surgeon is certified by the medical
board/association. This is important as it is proof that doctor has the training skills
and experience to perform cardiac surgery well. It is also important as you can

confirm that your doctor doesn't have a past history of any malpractice or
disciplinary action.
3. Select A Surgeon With Experience
In a cardiac surgery, experience matters. It is critical that you choose a doctor from
one of the best heart surgery hospitals in India like Max Healthcare. You will need a
doctor who has extensive experience in the specific heart surgery procedure you
4. Communication Style Of The Doctor
It is important that there is clear and positive communication between you and your
doctor. You need to be comfortable with them and make sure they listen to all your
concerns, consider your treatment preferences and treat you as an equal in the
decision making process.
5. Go through Patient Reviews
Go through other patient’s personal experience because it provides valuable insight
into the doctor’s work ethic, approachability and other factors. This can easily be
checked on hospital websites, review websites, hospital records and
6. Check Your Insurance Plan
Ensure that you minimise the amount you pay out of your pocket by checking your
health insurance criteria. You might have to select surgeons and hospitals that fall
within your plan in order to avail insurance.
7. Ensure The Hospital Is Of Top Quality
The standard of care at the hospital your surgeon is going to treat you at is vital.
Patients at highly-rated hospitals have fewer complications an even better survival
rates. Pick your hospital very carefully and also make sure you can reach it easily as
you’ll most likely be required to make multiple trips to and of from the hospital.
8. Enquire About Cardiac Research And Clinical Research Programs
There are many new and cutting-edge therapies and surgeries that you can avail
through clinical trial programs that would’nt normally be available to all patients. If
your condition has a low survivability rate or has many risks involved, this is an
avenue worth checking out.
In order to get the best treatment possible you must ensure that you get treated in
some of the best heart surgery hospitals in India. Please keep all the above
mentioned factors in mind before going ahead and choosing your heart surgeon.

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