7 Rib Tattoo Design Ideas For Boys And Girls That You Should Check Out Today


The trendiest types these days are sleeves and shoulder ones. Yet, there is one that stands out and that is the tattoo on a rib cage. Not only has it become a trendy design, but it has also been the preference of many tattoo enthusiast for ages. Yet, getting one that works for you is an entirely different debate.

Because if you wish to get a tattoo, then you might be wondering about all the possible spots you can get in one. The other day, you just saw on TV that your favourite athlete got their whole sleeve inked. Or, you might have been thinking about the shoulder tattoo that your celebrity has tatted on for decades, yet it always looks good on them. But, you cannot find the right inspiration for your next Rib tattoo. For that, we have compiled a list of a few things that may help you get your next one. So, let us begin.

1.   Important Day Or Date

Many a time, you will get a deep answer if you ask someone what a day or date that they have tatted means to them. That is because one of the most common examples of a meaningful tattoo is to having something important inked on you. An important day in your life, such as a marriage, birth of a child, birth of someone important. If you are looking for inspirations, look A.J Styles. He has all the birthdays of his children tatted on his rib. With on standout element being a little butterfly, indicating the arrival of a girl. The point is, this is one of the most common and beautiful designs when it comes to getting tatted.

2.   Fully Covered Rib Cage

If you want to stand out with something bold, yet creative, then go for a full-rib design. You can cover both your sides until they reach the middle, right below your chest. Or you can go from your frontal ribcage to the one that reaches your spine. The idea behind this method is to make something that covers half your torso, quite literally. You can go for a large design, or something minimalistic, but we’ll come to that later. The reason is to get something that represents you and something that covers all of it in a single design.

3.   Wings – Eagles or Angels

Wings are some of the most used, yet attractive designs today. While they make sense more on rear deltoids and scapular muscles, they have become a common design for rib tattoos. The key to thing understand here is that there are many kinds of Wings. Ones that cover a small portion, or something that makes you look right out of a fantasy book. However, another important thing to note here is that the wings are of two kinds that many experts prefer. One is that of biblical angels, and the others are of an eagle. As the latter can represent the toughness of human spirit.

4.   Tribal Design

The tribal design has become insanely famous in recent times. Not only because many major stars around the globe employ it. Some names that stand out are Dwayne Johnson, Roman Reigns & David Beckham. While the latter has only a smaller one, the first two are known for their large, bold designs. That is also because they come from a Samoan dynasty. The thing to note here is that those designs make a statement. That is exactly what you need to make a rib tattoo work. That is why they are a suitable one for this purpose.

5.   Abstract Design

Abstract design has become an important design in the tattoo industry. Tattoo Design Inc. experts suggest that it has been a popular choice for many, not only on ribs but other parts of the body as well. Now, why should you get one on your rib? Because they vary in size, design and colours. You can get one with a lot of colours in it, or you can get one with minimalist design. You can also ink a large one or a small one, depending on your preference.

6.   Traditional Influence

We talked about the traditional influence on tattoos already with the tribal design. However, various other designs need to be mentioned. Some of them are the following:

·         American

Traditional American or just traditional design of tattoos is perhaps the most famous. Most suitable for your next Torso tattoo as well, because they offer a myriad of designs and colour palettes.

·         Japanese

Japanese traditional design has become the most recognizable type in recent years. With many celebrities and stars going this route, this could mean your next rib-cage tattoo.

·         Religious themes

Another common thing found in rib tattoos is the religious inscriptions or paintings. For instance, if you see someone with Sistine Chapel inspired designs and inscriptions right out of the bible, then this is the one.

Famous Quotes or Lines

Last but not the least, you can simply go the easiest route and have a famous quote tatted on you. However, the catch here is that it should mean something deeper to you. For instance, a quote from a book that helped you get through troubling times. This one can easily have religious implications too, depending on your preference. However, those quotes and lines can come from anyone. Whether they are from a movie, book or a personality.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, folks. Ideas for your next rib tattoo design. These can be employed on any part of your body. However, since the discussion was about ribs and torso, we covered a few designs that are most common. They include a variety of options and each one of them is suitable for a rib tattoo. The rest is up to you.



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