Have you ever wondered why women are so obsessed with shoes? I don't really know myself to
tell you the truth, but you should know that shoes are a big part of a woman's life and she will
definitely feel what kind of shoes you are wearing. ۔ Always keep a pair of shoes that you keep
clean, polished and old. I suggest pairing with a pair of dark gray dresses, 1 pair of thin dresses
for slightly more formal occasions, give yourself some cool looking sandals to go out in the
summer, and Go with a good pair when you are sporty. Never mix formal white cross trainer
shoes or sporty clothes with other routes around, women will look at your shoes and if you are
playing some ugly kick they will make you look like a boy in style.

Not Afraid Of Access

Cool accessories like a good watch, an interesting necklace or a bracelet will add to your overall
sexual appeal. Get accessories that suit your overall style and appearance and remember not to
go overboard with accessories in terms of the billing element. Use the power of all three here,
which means you don't want to wear more than three accessories at a time.

Get Your Hair Cut Through A Pro

Maintain a permanent haircut that you cut at least every 2 or 3 weeks with the same hairdresser,
usually you should choose a man to cut your hair because I think that when I can find the style I
want to get. Women will try more experimental things and cut your hair in a more feminine way.
If you don't know people with good hair, then try some places in your area or get online opinions
about good people in your area. Check out some men's magazines and find a style of your own,
show your hairdresser when you get home and ask for a similar style. Oh yeah, always remember
to tip at least a few dollars if he does a good deed and goes back to the same man every few

Try A Tie?

Yes, relationships are hot right now and women find them undeniable, you can wear them to
work or even out at night. Don't think that you have to wear a full suit to wear a tie. You can
even wear some nice jeans, a blazer jacket and a cool tie, it can be a beautiful hip and stylish
look that will look like a woman. Don't be afraid to experiment with bold colors and patterns,
you will meet women.

No Shaving Or Shaving

Well, maybe the whole beard is a little bit but a little bit of facial hair can be quite attractive for
women, just make sure you start shaving yourself a good electronic beard to keep them all clean.
put it. Facial hair loss is a big business for women, it shows that you really have no class and you
do not care about your appearance. In general, it is true that most women prefer a clean man, but
a good butt term or playing a game at five o'clock in the evening can cause women to melt.

Dont Be A Walking Logo

Try to avoid wearing clothes with big logos that have plaster on them, nothing but a walking
board indicates a lack of class. Choose your clothes according to the design and fit of the dress,
not based on the logo or brand name.

Be A Hit With The Right Fit

This is probably the biggest problem I see with men's clothing, which is wearing clothes that do
not fit properly. Wearing the right fitting clothes is the best way to improve your overall
appearance. When your sizes are different, your older siblings don't take me down or give me
clothes, it's time. To get really fast and save some money and upgrade your wardrobe you will
need at least 3 pairs of good shoes with about 3-4 3-4 solid outfits. Your clothes will not be too
tight or loose, but they will fit your body curves without pain or discomfort. Most men wear
clothes that are too long and have a luggage bag to make them, don't be one of them. Well-fitting
clothes will make you look sharper and you will feel more confident and comfortable and
women will feel it.

Wear At Least One Interesting / Unique Item

When you go out, try to wear at least one unique item or accessory such as a watch, bracelet, hat,
necklace, etc. That should be sufficient enough to set him apart. You usually see people wearing
it. It has two purposes: first, it is known as pea cooking theory, which involves wearing
something that is so unique that women will stop you and ask you about it, or if You already
have a purpose. This can work very well when you talk to a woman. The second part of the
conversation, you find unique and interesting
Try to maintain a consistent look throughout your outfit, if you have a casual look up top with a
nice dress shirt but a sporty look at the bottom with track pants then you're on the wrong track.
Keep your closet area divided up into three main sections: casual wear, sporty gear and formal
wear. Also, follow the power of three when it comes to choosing colors, you shouldn't be
wearing more than three colors at one time unless you want to look like a box of skittles.
Remember to keep it simple and cohesive at all times.

Better To Be Overdressed Than Underwhelming

If there's a choice between being a bit overdressed or underdressed than choose to go for
overdressed. Sure, you may stand out a bit but trust me, women are very fashion conscious and
they will notice and appreciate the effort you made to look your best. You may even become the
topic of conversation amongst a group of females. Being the center of attention is always better
than looking like someone who doesn't give a crap about his appearance.

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