5 things you should take into account before performing cosmetic surgery


To improve your experience when performing cosmetic surgery and make your recovery more comfortable, we tell you the things you should take into account during this process.


If cosmetic surgery is one of your plans in the near future, remember that any surgical procedure has a small degree of risk and there are things that you should take into account before, during and after the intervention. It is not the same to put fillers or botox to carry out a more complicated treatment, so you must be aware (and willing) to all these points that we are going to share with you.

Really, if you consider each one from the beginning, your experience will be much more satisfying!

1. Expectations

It is important to analyze the reasons why you want to have cosmetic surgery and be objective about it. If you want to do it to feel better about yourself and with confidence, you are on the right track! Never do it to please, because of other people’s comments, or to look like someone. First of all there is you and your mental health.

Also, you have to consider that a cosmetic surgery is not going to solve all your problems nor will it be like the magic potion of happiness after doing it. Along with an aesthetic change, you have to seek professional support to work inside and out. Psychological therapy will help you deal with the implications of a physical change or the reasons why you want to do it.

Another very important thing to keep in mind at this point is that you must have realistic expectations of the results. Remember that the changes are proportional to your physique and offer different results in each person, according to their anatomy.

2. Choice of surgeon and costs

This is one of the most important points on the list, as there is nothing better in cosmetic surgery than having a good guide and accompaniment. Take the time to find the ideal specialist for the procedure you want and search by all means: send messages, ask for information and references, check the results and ask all the questions you need. Say yes to the place where you feel best cared for and with the most confidence.

In this process, go through all the pricing options and choose the one that fits your budget, without sacrificing safety or quality of medical care. Any type of surgery involves a high cost, in which you must also consider the expenses for consultations, medications, clinical studies or supplements that help your recovery.

3. Recovery

Do not forget that this period depends on the type of cosmetic surgery you want to perform. There are certain interventions that are more painful than others, but it is also true that each person’s pain threshold is different. Even if you don’t have any complications, you need a recovery time that involves ‘disability’ for a few days or weeks.



4. Care

Although it seems that the most important part is plastic surgery, in reality it is just as relevant to contemplate post-operative care. At first, you will need someone to help you carry out your activities, in addition to being disciplined and consistent with the instructions of your doctor. For example, if you have to do firming massages (in cases such as liposculpture) or if you need to apply topical products to clean and care for scars.

5. Complications

Analyze all the risks before doing cosmetic surgery, it is essential so that you know how to act in the face of any type of complication, whether due to a medical failure, rejection of your body or a result that leaves you unsatisfied. In most cases, the physiological results are good, that is, your health remains intact after surgery, but also, many patients undergo the same procedure two or more times, since the results are not as expected.

In these circumstances, you must have an extra budget to solve the problems, in addition to having medical and psychological support to face the changes in the best way.


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