Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Lorraine Bracco In A Love Story


The news of Lorraine Bracco’s demise at the hands of AIDS spread like wildfire throughout the media. The fact that she was one of the few original “girl next door” characters in a popular television show in the eighties didn’t help. So what went wrong? How did a beloved television personality end up dead?

Well, it seems that producers and directors are more concerned with box office success than creating a good script. When screenwriter Aaron Sorkin took over the rewrite on the third film in the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling reportedly demanded more twists, more characters and a tighter story line. Because of the massive success of the books, studio executives were convinced that they had a hit on their hands. Instead of asking, “How can we make this movie more interesting?” they instead asked, “What do we have to lose?” By the time Lorraine Bracco’s name surfaced, it was as if the entire project had fallen apart.

After adapting the book series, the Harry Potter movies created a huge buzz about the iconic author and her worldwide following. The multi-million dollar franchise created a new fan base for the books and widened the scope of worldwide readership. But after a promising start, the picture became less creative and unfocused. Screenwriters and directors struggled to find a tone and a storyline to follow.

After wasting a large amount of money on a series of features before a script was even written, producers were forced to turn to seasoned actors in order to save the project. Instead of scouring the scripts for words, they decided to hire a professional to give the film a fresh perspective. As a result, the script was rewritten and many scenes were cut.

There is no question that a talented actress such as Lorraine Bracco can come off as an amazing talent. Her ability to draw emotion and bring out the character’s characteristics are unsurpassed. But finding a role that utilizes her talents will be almost impossible to come by. Most of the projects Hollywood puts her in our fantasy roles. These characters do not lend themselves to strong characters with which an actor can develop into.

Another reason why Lorraine Bracco will never be able to be a lead character in Hollywood is the lack of originality in her work. While her extensive resume has her performing opposite some wonderful characters, she has rarely been involved in a complex story. Her previous notable roles have been largely forgettable, one-dimensional characters. Even though some of her films have won awards, producers have not been able to find a role that she could star in because the character is usually cookie cutter. Producers are more interested in casting unknowns rather than finding a character that is truly unique.

If a person is looking for a role where they can really showcase their talents, they should look at playing an ensemble role. Creating an ensemble cast is less difficult to do than producing one. A large cast will consist of different characters from different aspects of the plot. The director will be able to quickly create an illusion that all of the characters are important to the plot without having to make major changes to the script.

As mentioned above, Lorraine Bracco is very talented, but this talent does not translate into having the ability to produce a good screenplay or film. Having the skills to write and direct is only the beginning. The screenwriter must also be able to build a strong character. Hollywood producers often look for someone who is experienced in writing interesting and compelling characters if they want to produce a blockbuster movie. For this reason, if you want to play a complex and compelling character on the big screen, it is best to work with a professional screenwriter who can help you achieve your goals.

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