What’s So Special About Blackout Contact Lenses


Coloured contact lenses let you change your eye shading with no protracted method. Gone are the times now while changing your eye shading was just a fantasy since now you can get whatever eye shading you think of. You don’t need to wear a specific colour of contact lenses to look desirable. You can now steal the spotlight and outshine everyone by wearing beguiling contact lenses like blackout contact lenses. They are different than any other coloured lenses available in the market. Moreover, you have nothing to worry about while wearing them because they guarantee you utmost comfort and satisfaction.

What are Blackout Contact Lenses?

Blackout contact lenses are coal-black, and by appearance, they are bigger than average eyeball size. Thus, they make your eye appear wider altogether, making them look extraordinary and captivating. These lenses are not for normal use; however, they are the best for explicit occasions where you need to spruce up with a particular goal in mind to make looks that require deep black or profound bruised eyes.

Looks to Create With Blackout Contact Lenses

Blackout contact lenses will assist you with making novel appears as though that of zombie, fiend, vampire, creepy doll and dead skeleton and so forth thus, simply pair them with beguiling outfits and freaky cosmetics.

The night of Halloween or a theme party will wrap up for you! Since the vibe on these eves is all creepy, frightening and freaky, so you won’t struggle to vibe in. You can do various things in these Blackout contact lenses. For instance, play a trick on somebody, alarm somebody or do it just for the photos and gram. The choices and decisions are various, and that is something you don’t need to stress at all over. Once you wear these lenses, thoughts will naturally come to you, and you’ll outshine everyone in each look.

Makeup With Blackout Contact Lenses

Blackout contact lenses aren’t for regular use, it implies you need the motivation to wear them, and what better excuse would that be able to be of some gathering. Also, if it is for gatherings and creating creepy effects, you won’t wear them all alone and walk down to the crowd. You’ll have to apply cosmetics and give polish your look. However, while doing makeup or face painting with Blackout contact lenses, you should be clear that it isn’t as simple as it sounds, you should think about different factors to enhance your eyes safely. When in doubt, you should wear contact lenses before beginning the cosmetics. It will assist you with placing in your lenses securely, without the danger of microscopic organisms and cosmetics particles getting at you with them. Also, you should utilise oil-free cosmetics, since it will sit better and not get into the eyes.

Eye Makeup Tips With Blackout Contact Lenses

A significant thing to note is that you should utilise waterproof eye cosmetics, particularly mascara and eyeliner. In case your eyes get watery all your eye cosmetics will spread and come in contact with your lenses. That will be greater difficulty than you can even envision, so precautions are a must! Other than waterproof and oil-free cosmetics, you ought to likewise be cautious while applying eye shadows, glitters and so on. It is so because they have small particles and fly from here to there. So, apply eye makeup that has a paste-like texture.  Apply makeup glue on your eyelids first and then put on all the glitters and blend your eyeshadow! Also, when the gathering is finished, wash your hands, take out your lenses, clean them with saline solution and place them back in the box.

How to Wear Blackout Contact Lenses?

Blackout contact lenses aren’t any contact lenses that you’ve been using all your life. They are the trendiest bit of eye accessories you can find worldwide today! They assist you in making your dream looks when matched with exciting ensembles and cosmetics.

Let us disclose to you how! You need to think about a character whom you want to look like; it can be from a film, animation or of your imagination. Once you’ve you decide whom you want to look like, put on Blackout contact lenses and let the transformation begin. Nonetheless, ensure that the look you want to accomplish isn’t customary and neither for a normal day. Moving on, whatever character you’ve thought of, apply cosmetics the way your chosen character uses. For instance, if you want to take on the appearance of a witch, paint your face with rough strokes of brushes in black, red, green and other dark hues. You can likewise apply counterfeit nails and horns to look more certifiable. For the outfit, spruce up in an all-dark outfit and add fake teeth, a mask, crown etc.

Blackout Contact Lenses for Halloween

Blackout contact lenses are ideal and unfathomably intriguing. All that one can consider is the striking looks he can make with these lenses and thousands of makeup ideas. Be that as it may, we as a whole need motivation to get into a character and accomplish something other than what’s expected, correct? There is no choice better than Halloween to wear Blackout contact lenses for the first time and steal the spotlight. So, what are you waiting for? Halloween is around the corner, and all you need is blackout contact lenses to step up your game!

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