Interesting Flower Facts Everyone Should Know


Flowers are one of the blissful gifts of nature. They make everything better & happier. The presence of fresh flowers in your surroundings can do more good than you can realize. The aura & aroma flowers bring into the rooms & hearts are unimaginable. Studies have proved that the presence of some specific flowers in one’s surroundings will help you stabilize your stress level & allow you to have a good night’s sleep. The goodness of individual flowers has now turned into essential oil bottles. But, some facts are unknown or interesting about flowers, which will leave you at the edge of your seat.

So, if you are a flower or blossom enthusiast and are looking for some intriguing facts about one of the gracious gifts this planet has to offer, then you have come to the right place. There always has been a stir when asked about the emergence of flowers for the first time. Many believe it dates back to 150 million years ago. However, they have certainly come full circle when you look around. The significance of fresh & radiant blooms in our lives & hearts has indeed skyrocketed. In every event, milestone, celebration, we celebrate these precious moments with the presence of the most lovely flower of the season. In today’s day & age, you can easily send flowers online to your loved & dear ones whenever you feel like it.

Most Interesting Facts About The Blooms

Indeed, being around for this long, flower history has some intriguing facts & stories about them. Here are the most exciting facts among the lot:

Get A Goodnight Sleep With The Gerbera Daisies

If you are someone who struggles at night to get a wholesome goodnight sleep, then putting up some fresh Gerbera Daisies on your bedside table might be a great idea. Many people use these vibrant flowers to help them form a better sleep pattern. Gerbera Daisies exert oxygen & absorb all the carbon monoxide in the air, allowing you to breathe fresh & clean air.

Just adding these alluring flowers to your life & home will help you in more ways you can comprehend. You can also easily buy Gerberas online and send them to your loved & dear ones who are struggling to get a good night’s sleep.

Flowers Once More Valuable Than Gold

Not many people know that once, flowers were even more valuable than gold in 17th century Holland. Not just any blooms, but only the ‘tulip bulbs.’ The reason behind this civic frenzy was the tulips bulbs were known for their immortality in love & life. People went above & beyond to find these precious tulips bulbs. The life of which is 3 to 6 days. Even after it’s unbelievable glory, these flowers were also once used as a medium of currency.

However, now you the tulips are not more valuable than gold & readily available whenever you wish to choose to spoil your loved & dear ones with the most amazing blooming surprise of the season. Florist in Bangalore will help you design the perfect tulip basket to show your dear ones’ love & affection.


Sacred Lotus


It might be unknown to many, but the lotus bloom has a history of being sacred & a symbol of eternal life & resurrection. Even the Egyptians worshipped the flower lotus, which bloomed in the River Nile. The sacredness of the flower lotus led to its use in ritual rites so that the person can resurrect & come back to this world with a better & beautiful life.

The bloom of lotus never blooms without the presence of its lifelong companion; the water. In the times of drought & absence of water, these sacred blooms are nowhere to be seen, only to return with the water’s return.

Blooming In The Night

The famous moonflowers are famous for their fragrance & blooming period. Seeing the tree-covered with endless moonflowers on an early winter morning is what peace looks like- the fragrance only adding to its majestic presence & alluring beauty.

The moonflowers start to bud in the evening & have a full bloom throughout the night only to close up in the morning with the first ray of sunshine.

There are a hundred more intriguing & exciting facts about flowers, making you believe about its real magical existence. If you want to experience the full glory of a freshly plucked bunch of the gorgeous blooms, experience it with a slice of the most heavenly cake. You can get easily online cake and flower delivery, which will help you get a quiet moment to yourself.






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