The 90s fashion reminds us of the popular saying ‘Old is Gold’. The 20-year-old fashion trend is now back with a bang! From renowned fashion models to celebrities of the tinseltown, everyone can be seen wearing the exotic styled clothes from the 90s. So, it’s high time you update your wardrobe with these new trends and get a classy yet chic look!

As the 90s trends have re-emerged, most of you might be confused about how to style your look and cut a dash. This article will help you get the most of the 90s fashion! So, for now, keep your skin fit jeans, crop tops, and leggings aside. Get ready to embrace the decade-old clothes and flaunt them with grace.


Wide-legged jeans :

Flared and wide-leg jeans were the go-to picks for both men and women in the 90s. They ruled the fashion industry for a long time before the slim fit jeans came into the picture. But, the wide-legged jeans have taken rebirth and are back to style. Be it an actress or a fashion blogger, every other girl can be seen wearing these flared jeans. From college to the office to parties, these jeans just look stunning on every occasion.


The hottest trend in the town these days is sharara. If you are attending a wedding or planning to wear ethnic this festive season, look no further and grab the most stunning sharara suit. You can pair it with a heavy necklace and glamorous earrings to rock the look. If you are wondering where to buy the most voguish sharara, Limeroad is the right place. You can also avail awesome Limeroad coupons and offers and save big on your shopping bags. 

Polka dots 

If there is a particular look that perfectly describes the 90s style, it is none other than the polka dots. With their reappearance in modern ways, they have surely taken over the fashion industry of today. Be it tops, t-shirts, skirts, dresses, maxis or gowns, polka dots can be seen on various clothes of different styles and colors. To be honest, they have never been out of style and will never be in the near future.

Vibrant neon colours:

Coming to the modish colors of today, the vibrant neon shades are back to the grind. From casual wear to party wear, colors such as neon green, neon pink, neon blue, etc are worn by almost every second woman. Be it a sexy off-shoulder top or a floral neon skirt, neon colors are not only attractive but also happening. So, don’t forget to buy cool neon cloth when you are out shopping next time. 

Hoop earrings:

Earrings add charm to the entire look. Accept it or not, they are the most important accessory a woman can ever own. Hoop earrings from the 90s have the ability to change the entire look, making you look more elegant and sensual. Available in different colours, they are usually big in size and add a unique touch to your face. The best part of hoop earrings is that they can be paired with any type of dress and just make you look fab! 

Denim dungarees:

If you are looking forward to buying some evergreen piece of dress, then denim dungaree is all you need! This marvelous attire from the 90s has always stayed in style. Don it with a plain white loose shirt or t-shirt and get ready to get a savage look. You can also get these dungarees in various colours- black, blue, white and various designs- slim fit, flared and boyfriend. If you want to wear something cool and casual, then this denim dungaree can always be your first choice. 

Vintage goggles:

Another most crucial accessory every woman must carry in her bag is goggles. Gone are the days when women used to go for aviators and cat-eye shades. The fashionistas of today have fallen in love with the 90s inspired retro shades. From round to oval to rectangular, the vintage styled goggles are all you need to get a killing look. 

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Winged eyeliner:

Let’s face it, eyes indeed speak louder than words! Perhaps it is very important for your eyes to look enchanting and pleasant. And, nothing can make your eyes more alluring than applying winged eyeliner. This 2-decade old style of applying eyeliner has evolved with modern changes. Adding a winged eyeliner with a smoky eyeshadow touch will make your face more mesmerizing. 

Tube tops:

If you have a sexy figure, then nothing else can make you look more wonderful than the body fit tube tops from the 90s. Wear it with jeans, pair it with a skirt and a jacket, or just drape a saree over it, you are sure to stand out from the crowd and look no less than a diva. Also, match it with a pair of lovely earrings and winged eyeliner to get a flawless look. 


Last but not least on our list is chokers. Top Bollywood celebrities were seen sporting chokers in the 90s. This trend has made a grand comeback. Almost all the celebrities and fashion models are seen wearing dazzling chokers to jazz up their look. These chokers are available in various colors, designs and can be worn with umpteen types of clothes.

These were some of the fashion styles from the 1990s that are not just in trend but are better than before. They are so flexible that they can be worn to a party, to the movies, to the streets, or to the office. You can also add a bit of modern touch to these attires and look irresistible. So, this time when you plan to go out, get rid of your boring everyday clothes and instead try out something different. Put on a fascinating 90s look and make those heads turn when you walk in the room.

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