15 Best Tips to Get Rid of Natural Hair Loss


Natural loss of hair is usually related to hormonal imbalances in the body, a condition called hypothyroidism. While many people think that being hypothyroid will render you with hair thinning, in actuality the hair loss that occurs as a result of this disorder is of a more subtle and sporadic nature.

Tips on how to care for black natural hair

1)   Eliminate dairy products from your diet plan

When it comes to natural hair loss, the primary cause is usually an overactive thyroid gland. The treatment for thyroid dysfunction is usually dietary in nature. This means that your diet should contain more foods containing iodine and the elimination of foods that contain dairy products and salt.

2)   Provide proper nourishment to your body

Since thyroid hormones are responsible for sustaining the growth of new hair, you also want to provide your body with the proper nourishment. It needs to be able to produce the hormone needed for producing new hair.

3)   Include organic foods in your diet plan

Many women have reported being successful in getting rid of their hair by changing their diet by including foods such as organic oysters, vitamin enriched green vegetables, figs, and even other fruits.

4)   Give right amount of nutrients to your hair

With the right amount of rest and nutrition, anyone can expect to see some hair loss. However, it is not normal. If you are not experiencing the natural “fall out” of hair, or if your hair loss is the result of something more serious, then there is no reason to keep taking medications for the condition.

5)   Get herbal supplements

There are many herbal supplements that can help you to restore healthy hair, and a small change in diet may be all that is necessary to make a significant difference in your hair. The best way to find out what natural hair loss is for you is to speak with your doctor, who can determine what type of hair loss is occurring.

If you have black hair, you may have wondered how to care for natural black hair. Having natural black hair is a great asset, but we all know that we all need to take care of it for our own good.

6)   Use a shampoo instead of conditioner

Black natural hair can be dull, curly, or curly and dry, depending on what type of hair you have. You will find that the conditioners that you use do not have the same impact as the shampoo, which you might prefer to use on your mane. Because the conditioner will not penetrate into the hair as deep as the shampoo does, you will find that the hair becomes greasy and oily very quickly after applying the conditioner.

7)   Apply a good quality moisturizer

When caring for black natural hair, you have to make sure that you do the proper things to take care of your hair. The most important thing to do is to apply a good quality moisturizer to your hair when you wash it, just as you know how to do natural hairstyles after washing your hair, especially if you are in a health-conscious environment like a hospital.

8)   Apply a Hair Conditioner

Once you have taken a shower, it is important to apply a conditioner on your hair. Once you have finished bathing, this is when you want to apply the conditioner to the part that needs moisturizing.

9)   Get a good night sleep

Black people have a natural tendency to have frizzy, dirty hair, especially if they are not getting enough sleep or eating right. Getting a good night’s sleep and eating well is one of the best ways to keep your hair healthy and to keep your mane shiny and smooth. You do not have to give up the habit of having a beer at the end of the day, it’s just that you should not drink and eat too much to counteract the effect of the alcohol on your hair.

10)         Add honey and water to your diet plan

Adding honey and water to your diet is a great way to get rid of excess oil, as well as help to moisturize your hair. After taking a bath, apply the honey and water solution to your hair and massage in the rest of the solution with your fingertips. Once you have soaked your hair completely, leave it to soak and then rinse it out.

11)       Lots of tangles is to tie it up in a ponytail

One way to care for natural black hair that has lots of tangles is to tie it up in a ponytail or a bun for a while. It will take the tangles away and you will not have to worry about them damaging your scalp. When your hair is healthy, it will look its best and you will have less breakage or split ends.

12)         Use a bleaching gel

People who dye their hair will find that the black color does not last very long, but that it can be bleached out, making it fairer. Using a bleaching gel is a safe way to keep the color from fading and will give you your hair back.

13)         Use mildest hair styling products

While you can style your hair any way you want, you should not use any special styling products unless you want to add harmful chemicals into your hair. If you do need to use styling products, then make sure that you use only the mildest that are safe for the hair.

14)         Never wax your hair

Use hair conditioners sparingly and never wax your hair, even if you have naturally dry or damaged hair. Wearing a towel over your head will also help to avoid drying out your hair.

15)         Use gentle shampoo and conditioner

When you are washing your black hair, it is important to use conditioner and gentle shampoo. You may also find that a bad haircut or being on the road can damage your mane.

Final Words

If you have naturally curly or thinning hair, you may have to buy hair extensions, but for most of us, natural hair is fine. Black natural hair is beautiful, so don’t worry about how to care for natural black hair!

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