Lingerie Shopping Hacks That Make Summer Easy

Summers are all about delicate coconuts that fulfil your thirst, delectable mango sundaes, beach vacations, and new experiences. Yes, we understand how comforting it is to think about these summertime favourites on a hot and humid day. But, are these the only ones that’ll help you beat the heat of the summer? Trust us when we say that a little consideration put into picking the right lingerie styles will make you want to be in them no matter what! Here are some amazing lingerie shopping hacks that make your summer easy peasy!

  1. ‘The Go-To Fabric’- Cotton:

Summer is the season when you want to be extra comfortable. With all the heat and humidity cotton is the only ideal fabric that can keep you cool all day. With the breathability factor, the world hasn’t found a suitable replacement for cotton. The breathability factor and moisture-absorbing nature of this fabric, are what make it ideal for summer lingerie. Cotton bras and panties, apart from being fuss-free, also help you to stay hygienic all day long, leaving no room for itching and rashes. Available in different colours and prints, cotton lingerie is the best option for summer.

  1. Embellishments- Not This Season:

I’m pretty sure that we all love extra embellishments for lingerie. Those sexy lace detailings, stone embellishments or that extra boning for perfect silhouette structure, yes these sound amazing but not in summer. These extra detailings can cause irritation, especially during summer. So try to keep it simple to avoid those problems.

  1. Lighter Shades-More comfort:

We all know that dark shades like black absorb heat and keep you super uncomfortable and cause a lot of perspiration. So choose light-shaded lingerie as it reflects heat and keeps you comfortable throughout the day. Pastel-shaded or light shades like white or beige bras and panties are highly recommended during this season.

  1. Go For Non-Padded and Non-Wired ones:

While those semi-circular metal wires and heavily padded cups provide extra support and modesty on several occasions, these can be really irritating during summer. Summer is the only time when you seek more breathability and comfort rather than a sexy bustline. Switch all your wired bras with non-padded or soft padded ones for your breasts to feel protected and bounce-free all day.

  1. Less Is The New More:

We all know that hipsters and boyshorts provide utmost comfort but now that bikinis and thongs are available plenty in the market, you can just slip into these adorable panty styles that involve very little fabric in the making. Moreover, these undergarments take care of personal hygiene by keeping itching, rashes and skin infections at bay.

That’s it, ladies! No more struggling in hot summers! With these hacks, welcome summer like a pro and enjoy all your vacations and parties without any hassle.