Fall 2022 Luxury Handbag & Wallet Collection: The Latest Trends & Styles

When it comes to keeping up with trends, ladies’ accessories are something we don’t often think about. But when it comes to it, accessories make the outfit, and a trendy women’s wallet can make a huge difference. 

 And this autumn, there’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to women’s handbags & wallets. We’re seeing the continuation of the early 2000s trend continue, and we’re even seeing the 2010s come back in a big way, with punk rock and scene aesthetics making a huge comeback. Thank goodness MySpace isn’t making a comeback along with it. 

 So, without further ado, here’s the newest trends to be on the lookout for in Fall 2022. 

 Fuzzy Textures

Texture is something that goes beyond just a fluffy coat or faux fur. Your handbag can be textured too. They are warm, lend a cosy feeling to an outfit and have been all over the runway in all shapes, colours and sizes. So, if you want a pocket sized wallet, or something a little nigger, you can absolutely see this in luxury stores everywhere, from brands like Fendi all the way to Jaquemus. 

 Preppy Check Designs

Check and plaid motifs have been all over the runway recently and this may be in line with the 2010’s and punk coming back but it also screams back to school, or back to college more often. This doesn’t mean check and plaid are the only preppy designs, patterned monogramming and diamond designs count too. This is something you can find with classic tweed flap bags all the way to cute diamante style wallets & totes. 

 Cute Clutches

Nowadays handbag sizes seem to go from trending oversized to trending small at the swing of a pendulum. That being said, clutches seem to be going nowhere fast. They’ve been a staple for a few seasons now, and they are still on the runways to this day. So if you want to find a trend that will probably outlast just this fall, a clutch from LV Australia is a great choice. 

 Slouchy Bags

This bag, often called a hobo bag, was once known as a cloth sack that was tied around a stick. Now, the same silhouette is being used by modern designers. On the runway, some slouchy bags were hugely oversized for dramatic effect, others were done more minimally with gold hardware for a bit of flair, and others kept it simple in leather. If you like carrying everything you need right with you on the go, then these bags are for you. 

Upgraded Backpacks

Backpacks are possibly the most daily used designer bag options out there. This is because they can go from day to night, can be taken on your commute to work, or just as you travel to a new destination. They have been all over the runway this season, however and have seen a sense of elevation. The fabrics used are more luxurious and now hybrid styles have become a new sensation. Gone are the days where a backpack has to feel like it’s only going to be used for functional purposes, now they can be incredibly stylish too. 

 Chunky Bags & Wallets

This season, there seems to be an abundance of bold, chunky chins, and studs hitting the runways. This leads back to the punk rock scene vibe coming back, but this time, its luxury brands leading the way. This trend differs from the 2010s as it is now less about having all black bags with silver or gold studs and chains, and more about pastel-coloured bags & wallets with studded details, or bright pink and orange bags with these details. This elevation is bringing this punky look into the 2020s with style, and making it far more wearable overall.