How To Hide Hair Extensions In Your Thin Hair?

From skin allergies to health issues, lack of nutrients, high usage of chemical products, lack of care and attention, and much more, there are numerous things that become the reason behind hair thinning and damage.

Some people are born with thin/fine hair, while others start facing the issue with age or due to the above-mentioned reasons. All these things not only just cause hair thinning and frequent breakage but also affect your overall hair look. This makes it important for you to start taking care of your natural hair and avoid all those mistakes that can make them prone to damage and cause hair thinning.

Taking good care of your natural hair, oiling them properly, using fewer chemical products, etc. Help you improve your hair texture and volume. But these things not only just take high time, but also sometimes fail to provide you with the desired results. At such a time, the only, but amazing option you are left with is none other than hair extensions.

Hair extensions work amazingly on every type of natural hair. But many people with thin/fine hair do not use hair extensions with the misconception that they are not for them and their thin hair cannot hold the extensions properly. But no matter whether you have thin hair or hair with good volume, you just have to make sure you will pick the extensions that will go perfectly with your natural hair.

Along with this, being aware of tips that can be used to hide hair extensions in thin hair, also help you use the extensions to the best. Some common things that you can do to get the desired results from your hair extensions while hiding them perfectly in your thin hair are listed below.

Choose Wisely

Before using hair extensions, it is always better to ensure that the extensions you are going to use are exactly as per your hair texture, type, color, etc. This not only just helps you add them perfectly to your natural hair but also prevents the risk of picking extensions that do not give a natural look or are tough to hide in your thin hair. In case of confusion, it is always better to pick clip-in hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are one of the best hair extensions for fine hair. They go perfectly with fine/thin hair and also add good volume to them.

Buy From a Professional Supplier

Just like picking the right hair extensions, buying them from a professional supplier also matters a lot. Professional hair extension suppliers offer extensions that have a natural look as well as are easy to use. The hair extensions offered by professional suppliers are made with high-quality materials like Remi hair, natural hair, etc. Due to this, their hair extension lasts longer and makes it easy for you to maintain a natural hair look.

Go With “Less Is More”

When it comes to hair extensions, it is always better to follow the “less is more” policy. Adding fewer wefts to your natural hair, instead of adding the full head set helps you hide hair extensions more perfectly in your thin hair. Thin hairs are naturally straight and light hair that need more attention when adding hair extensions to them.

You have to make sure that you will not add hair extensions that will be visible or will give an unnatural look. Using fewer wefts and adding them to different sections or sides of your natural hair, help you improve the volume and make your hair look naturally beautiful. On the other side, full-head hair extension sets are tough to adjust. They are tough to add to thin hair and also never provide the results like clip-in hair extensions.

Start From The Bottom

Another effective way that helps to hide hair extensions in fine/thin hair is starting from the bottom. When adding extensions to the hair, it is always better to start adding them from the bottom of your scalp. This not just helps you hide them perfectly but also makes it easy for you to know how much more extension clips you should add to complete the requirement. Also, make sure to avoid any extensions to the top or front section of your thin hair. Adding clip-in hair extensions from the bottom to the above help you maintain the natural look with less effort.

Try Back-Combing

Back combing is known around the world for different reasons. Its use before adding the hair extensions also turns out to be beneficial. Those with thin hair can try it to add some good volume to their natural hair. This not only just gives your hair volume but also helps you know about the corners or hair sections where the extension clip must be added.

Along with this, dividing your thin hair into different sections also helps you maintain a neat and clear look. Make sure to comb your hair as well as your hair extensions properly, before starting the procedure. This will help you avoid tangles and a messy look. Instead of going with the straight hair look, choosing curls or a wavy look also helps you hide the extensions perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Hair extensions are best at making thin/fine hair look fuller and healthy. They make them look voluminous and do not take more than 5-10 minutes to change the entire hair look. No matter where you want to add length to your natural thin hair or add color to them or make them look fuller, you always have to pick the right extensions for your hair. This not only just helps you get the desired look but also helps to prevent the risk of breakage, allergies, fallout, etc. Buying extensions from a professional also helps you make the right purchase within your budget.